University of SU, Part 2

The following Post submitted by Steve Guderian, SOA BOD candidate”

“I am looking for some further information from the SU community, well, the whole Somersett Community for that matter.

My first question, does anybody know how community members get appointed to committees?

Is there a SOA policy, procedure or resolution on appointments to committees that anybody knows about?

Is notice sent out to all community members about openings on committees (By all community members I mean everybody living in SOA, SC, the Vue and the Village)?

Second part, at the beginning of this year a new Charter was passed by the SOA BOD for the AGC, here are my questions on this;

Does anybody have a signed and dated copy of this charter (I have a word document copy with no effective date or signature)?

Does anybody have any information on any previous SOA charters for the AGC (I am familiar with the CC&R and PUD info on AGC, I am specifically looking for past and present SOA charter information)?

And a general overall question, has anybody in the SU community been following anything on the CSC committee, or had any experience with the CSC committee?”

Thanks again all,

Steve Guderian

The following is offered in  response to Mr, Guderian’s inquiry:

With regard to SOA Committees, any Association member may volunteer to serve on a Committee. Committee openings are posted on the SOA website via the SOA/Committee & Meetings page. To volunteer, one must fill out an application document.  If an opening is available, the application is reviewed, a  possible interview conducted, and if deemed acceptable, the volunteer is appointed to serve on the Committee by the BOD.  The Committees & Meetings page also lists the Committees, the Committee Charter and Committee Members. Committee openings have also been previously announced via the “Somersett Happenings” email distribution.  There are currently two positions open on the Communication Committee and two  on the Finance Committee.

The revised AGC document was approved at the October 25th BOD meeting with minor revisions.  Once issued, this document will be mailed to all Somersett owners.

Any questions?  Contact Kayla Franklin, the SOA Community Relations Coordinator, at 787-4500 Ext. 324 or