University of SU, Part 2

The following Post submitted by Steve Guderian, SOA BOD candidate”

“I am looking for some further information from the SU community, well, the whole Somersett Community for that matter.

My first question, does anybody know how community members get appointed to committees?

Is there a SOA policy, procedure or resolution on appointments to committees that anybody knows about?

Is notice sent out to all community members about openings on committees (By all community members I mean everybody living in SOA, SC, the Vue and the Village)?

Second part, at the beginning of this year a new Charter was passed by the SOA BOD for the AGC, here are my questions on this;

Does anybody have a signed and dated copy of this charter (I have a word document copy with no effective date or signature)?

Does anybody have any information on any previous SOA charters for the AGC (I am familiar with the CC&R and PUD info on AGC, I am specifically looking for past and present SOA charter information)?

And a general overall question, has anybody in the SU community been following anything on the CSC committee, or had any experience with the CSC committee?”

Thanks again all,

Steve Guderian

The following is offered in  response to Mr, Guderian’s inquiry:

With regard to SOA Committees, any Association member may volunteer to serve on a Committee. Committee openings are posted on the SOA website via the SOA/Committee & Meetings page. To volunteer, one must fill out an application document.  If an opening is available, the application is reviewed, a  possible interview conducted, and if deemed acceptable, the volunteer is appointed to serve on the Committee by the BOD.  The Committees & Meetings page also lists the Committees, the Committee Charter and Committee Members. Committee openings have also been previously announced via the “Somersett Happenings” email distribution.  There are currently two positions open on the Communication Committee and two  on the Finance Committee.

The revised AGC document was approved at the October 25th BOD meeting with minor revisions.  Once issued, this document will be mailed to all Somersett owners.

Any questions?  Contact Kayla Franklin, the SOA Community Relations Coordinator, at 787-4500 Ext. 324 or


8 thoughts on “University of SU, Part 2

  1. Steve, I am flabbergasted that you are running for the board and do not know the answers to these questions!!! WOW makes me think that it might be a good idea if you get elected to have knowledge sessions with new residents before they run in the next election to educate them. It must be so difficult for you and others running to come up to speed on the many issues we have right now and still learn the basics of how Somersett and the communities work.

    I also think we need a resident Vue, The Village, Sierra Canyon and Somersett committee possibly a subset of the communications committee to better understand each other. We seem to be way apart on many things but basically I feel we all want to be happy where we live and enjoy where we live.

    All residents should be aware of how to log on to the Somersett Owners Association so you can have access to all these documents and news. On this website you can see when the committees meets, and who is on them. As a resident you CAN attend these committee meetings too! You can also send emails to these committees.

    I encourage all residents to become familiar with this SOA website.

    Best of luck to you.

    Sharon Slattery. A resident who is not afraid to sign her name

  2. It is only recently that committee openings have been posted. For years before that openings were filled from “the good old boy” network.

    I too will be requesting copies of committee charters. Wonder if there are term limits for committee members???

  3. To Sharon Slattery, thank you for the response. I look for consistency in hoe things are handled. And from what both Jim and Joe said it sounds like consistency might be lacking. It would seem to me that a community blast would be the best way to get involvement in the whole community, SC, Village and Vue.

    Your idea about a communications committee involving all of the associations is outstanding. However, not all of the associations have a communications committee. In SC we just started a committee for this but right now they are tasked with redoing our website.

    Also, residents in SC look to their own website for communication. Fair question, as a resident of SC why should I have to go to multiple websites to find out what n is going on in our greater Somersett community. In SC we use community email blasts to advice the SC residents of important items. This is the policy in SC. It seems to me that the info in this post indicates that SOA does not have a consistent policy. It also seems to me that as the “master” community SOA has a leadership responsibility to make sure that notifications reach the entire community.

    Committee items and other things is just one of the items the SC BOD of directors wanted to work out with SOA BOD, we were told that SOA did not want to meet with us and work out these things.

    As for knowing about various SOA policiies, I have been downloading and reading various resolutions associated with the ways of handling things. The problem I am running I to is a lack of a paper trail in documentation and inconsistency in operations. Here is an example, read the Charter for the CSC committee, then pull the roster for these meeting and compare actual operation with the charter. I was request by an SC resident to go to a CSC hearing for an ADA issue…. this means there should have been no CSC hearing in the first place. In any case at this hearing there was a single board member and a single community member.

    How does this compare with the governing docs and NRS?

    My experience with the SC board has taught me a lot about the governing docs for SOA, now I am trying to figure out how the workings for our entire community are actually occurring.

    1. I think you bring a lot to the table and am looking forward to seeing better communication from both side and I think with a new manager, Tracy, things will continue to get better. I just think it’s a shame that there has to be so much of a division between Sierra Canyon and Somersett residents.

      I have been on Communications and am on the Facilities committee now. I think this is one of the better ways to get change accomplished.

      All the best to you.

      Sharon Slattery

  4. To Sharon, First off, thank you so much for volunteering for our community. There really is no doubt that we need more people like you. I come to SU for information and I followed up on what I read here regarding open positions on committees. The posting is not difficult to find, but also not easy as it is two mouse clicks off of the home page and located half way down on each of the pages directed to. Having volunteered for the community you are aware that it is hard to find volunteers. I will go so far to say that common knowledge tells us that it is a fact that it is hard to find volunteers. The division you mention between the communities also does not help. These things considered, my position would be that committee openings should be an SOA home page link, one mouse click away, an E-Blast should go out and postings/notifications should be made on all association websites. I can also tell you that over this last week the SC BOD has has reached out to all of the BODs to meeting and work on communications between all of the BODs here in our Somersett Community. So far the response has been very promising. We will see what the future holds.

    Steve Guderian

    1. Great to hear about your research Steve and Thank you for the compliment. We have a group here in Somersett and around Reno called the Wild Whimsical Women. Most members live in either Sierra Canyon or Somersett and we have no idea other than checking on an address or visiting their home for a Happy Hour or volunteer project who lives where. AND frankly it does not matter. This group was formed 6 years ago by a Sierra Canyon women and 2 Somersett women and now has more than 114 members. We only have one rule and that is we don’t talk politics of any kind. We have no BOD or leaders we just all pitch in and do what is necessary to help the community. Our group was formed because of this so called division in an effort to live together happily. I think we do.

      Tomorrow this group is cooking and serving dinner to 125 homeless or semi homeless veterans (those who live in hotels). This is our 3rd year and we do this anonymously. We are also collecting used glasses for the Lions Club, Clothing and sheets in the Helping Hands Barrel for veterans and homeless and Paws and Claws donations for the local pet shelters. All again anonymously. It’s not just me it’s the network we have.

      Your email helped me understand that our neighbors in Sierra Canyon should be included more into our over all communications on the other hand it might be a great idea if we in Somersett also understood how our neighbors work down there!!! I see a door opening and will be glad to walk through it. I am glad to hear our BOD working with you and the others and hope it continues.

      We redid our website a few years ago and are still trying to make it better. We will get there together.

      All the best.

  5. To Sharon, Kudos to you and all of the ladies volunteering your time to help our greater Reno Community… this is a great thing. Thank you very, very much. Greater communication is multi-level issue, and I stated in another post that I had started working on it before the election on Wednesday. And, I will say up front that it was another community member (SU Community) who gave me the information I needed to get the process started.

    So now, I am going to ask you for your help. Kudos to you and your group for keeping politics out of it… that is a good thing. But to have 114 volunteers working already on things do you suppose a few of them could be convinced to volunteer for some of the SOA committees? There has to be a diverse background of experiences here that could help our more local community. And/or could they maybe find some other people that they could convince to volunteer for some of the committees?

    This is not something that we are going to need volunteers for right away, there is a bit of a time lag while information is gathered and some decision made.

    Sharon, I had to ask. And, I understand what you ladies are all doing for your own lives. So, if you all are busy with other things, that is a fair answer…. just keep SOA in mind if some time opens up.

    Thanks Sharon! Steve Guderian

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