Somersett United

Following Post submitted by Joe Bower, Association Member

“As one of the small number of founders (only one from Sierra Canyon) of the blog Somersett United, I resent it being called University of SU.

That is disrespectful to the founders and to the few who have kept it going for several years. The entire community is truly well informed by Somersett United. Too bad boards don’t communicate, especially after saying year-after-year that communication is high on their priority list. Modern websites and blogs allow for two-way conversations.

If anyone would like to make a contribution to help keep it going, please contact me. I will see that it gets forwarded to the right person.

At least let’s use the proper name everyone.

Thank you.

Joe Bower – Sierra Canyon Owner”


SU Clarification:

To our Readers and Followers::

To elimate any misunderstanding, please be advised that no monetary contributions are required to support the operation of the SU Website.  We only encourage  participation in the discussions, pro or con, on the Posts or Comments contained therein. Please go to the “About Us” page to see how to contribute to this process.

Perhaps Mr. Bower was referring to the mass email subscription service that SU previously paid for.  However, this activity was discontinued over a year ago.

Whatever his intent, SU appreciates the support and contributions Mr. Bower has made to this website during its existence.