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Following Post submitted by Joe Bower, Association Member

“As one of the small number of founders (only one from Sierra Canyon) of the blog Somersett United, I resent it being called University of SU.

That is disrespectful to the founders and to the few who have kept it going for several years. The entire community is truly well informed by Somersett United. Too bad boards don’t communicate, especially after saying year-after-year that communication is high on their priority list. Modern websites and blogs allow for two-way conversations.

If anyone would like to make a contribution to help keep it going, please contact me. I will see that it gets forwarded to the right person.

At least let’s use the proper name everyone.

Thank you.

Joe Bower – Sierra Canyon Owner”


SU Clarification:

To our Readers and Followers::

To elimate any misunderstanding, please be advised that no monetary contributions are required to support the operation of the SU Website.  We only encourage  participation in the discussions, pro or con, on the Posts or Comments contained therein. Please go to the “About Us” page to see how to contribute to this process.

Perhaps Mr. Bower was referring to the mass email subscription service that SU previously paid for.  However, this activity was discontinued over a year ago.

Whatever his intent, SU appreciates the support and contributions Mr. Bower has made to this website during its existence.


7 thoughts on “Somersett United

  1. Why do you need contributions to “support” a website that is hosted for free by What about the $40,000 you folks took from all of us when you sued Somersett?

    1. To – Scammers and Spammers

      Joe must have been referring to Posting contributions, the SU website does not need any monetary funds to support its existence!

      Also, not sure what $40K lawsuit you are referring to, but if the SOA made a monetary settlement to plaintiffs, the lawsuit most likely had merit. Especially if you are referring to the NRS statutes the SOA violated when conducting the CC&R Amendment voting process back in 2014.

  2. My comment regarding the University of SU was said in complete respect for the knowledge of our community and it’s history by the members and reader of SU. It was said as a simple spin off of the term, “University of You Tube” or “University of Google” locations where people can go to learn things and gather information for knowledgeable sources. The term or saying was meant as a compliment, in this case where a person can go and gain knowledge on our community and it’s history.

    No more 21st century compliments from me to the members and readers of SU.

  3. Steve

    Congratulations on your election…

    I appreciate the fact you have used SU to ask questions and quest out information.

    I have owned property in Somersett since 2006; so anyone living in Somersett at (and before) that time, was victimized by the Great Recession (2008 -2009). Somersett Development and Blake Smith did a great job at bringing our community through this epochal financial setback, relatively financially sound (compared to many HOA’s). My calculations showed that $500,000,000 in property value had been wiped out by the GR. Around 35% of the properties went through foreclosure, short-sales, bankruptcy. Even in 2017 we are still not fully recovered tp the 2004 – 2006 property values!

    Memories of bad times, and the fact that another recession is likely (they seem to happen every 10 years), means that the Board should be planning for such a future event.
    Fixing all the rockery walls, most of which were built before the current construction codes (for Rockery Walls) were put in place by the City of Reno. It is interesting to see that Toll (Village 6) are removing and replacing the Rockery Walls (except the one above Sierra Canyon). Ryder Homes are replacing the Walls down in SBE. That indicates (to me anyway) that these developers believe that the original Rockery Walls are sub-standard.

    I also want to thank you for responding to my posts, concerning the election and my thoughts on candidate night. Joe Fadrowsky engaged in similar dialog when running for election, and his comments and views were very helpful (to me anyway).

    I see that you and Sharon are discussing communications, a weakness of our HOA. That is good, but I have heard how this will improve for the last 10 years. Please make it truly inter-active with the community!

    I have been going to meetings since 2010, have volunteered to be on committees (I was turned down). I carried out my own assessment on the value of the CGC purchase, where the value of 400 AF of water rights value, (almost) justified the prurchase. Not being involved gave me time to engage in non-Somersett activities (active with VOA at the Reno shelter, and Agri-business development (my background is in chemical specialties) in Calgary Canada).

    Good luck

    PS I feel that “Somersett University” – if one wades through the posts can provide an invaluable back-ground – so I looked on it as a “complement”

  4. Geoffrey,

    Thank you for the kind words. I can say that I will be looking to SU for information on whatever is being posted here. And, that I will comment when appropriate. The old saying is “he who dies with the most toys wins.” I believe that it should be “he who dies with the most information wins.” In my book information comes from all sources.

    I very much appreciate your observation regarding the problems regarding communication. I believe that this is a multi-front problem. And I can say that steps are already being taken to move forward in this area. Inter-HOA BOD meetings have already been held in order to discuss common problems and to work on solutions. One of the most interesting things that has come out of these meetings is that there are so many problems common areas of concern between the different HOA BODs.

    I set these meetings up as part of my previous SC HOA position. Since that has changed I now have to respect the people now involved in these meetings and allow them to discuss what they want, when they want with their respective communities. Similarly, I also have to respect the BOD for SOA as we have not been able to talk among ourselves yet. That time will come.

    What I will say is this, it is my position that I will answer any question posed to me. I stated this at the candidates night in TCTC. You may not like the answer, but I will give you one based on the information that I have available. I am always open for a discussion on a topic/subject, just keep in mind that you have to give me facts, not opinions for me to change my mind. I will change my mind on things, I an not afraid to admit I made a mistake or to take responsibility for what I say or what I do. I am also not afraid to tell you that “I don’t know.” There is just too much going on for any one person to be completely versed on everything. I will do my best to find things out, but the fact of the matter is, I am retired, I do have a life and this is a volunteer position. So I will tell everybody right now, I will not be putting in 40 to 80 hours a week at this. However, I will make sure that I fulfill my responsibilities to our greater Somersett Community.

    Thanks, Steve Guderian

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