SOA Board Election Results

The counting of ballots for the four Somersett owners vying for the three open positions on the Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Directors (BOD) took place today at the Annual Owners Meeting. The four candidates were Steve Guderian, Frank Leto, Glenda Powell (incumbent) and Jason Roland. Following the ballot count, the three successful candidates were as follows:

  • Jason Roland – Two year term
  • Frank Leto – Two year term
  • Steve Guderian – One year term

Congratulations are in order for the successful candidates who will join incumbents Ryan Burns and Tom Fitzpatrick on the BOD. Also, many thanks to Glenda Powell for her dedicated service on the SOA’s BOD and as its President during difficult times.

SU wishes the new BOD well as it faces some complicated issues in the year to come. Such as:

  • Hillside and Rockery Wall Repairs
  • The Club at Town Center Upgrades
  • Relationships between the Master and Sub Associations (e.g., Aesthetic Guidelines)
  • Safety and Security Improvements
  • Implementation of the Community Wildfire Protection Plan
  • Full Staffing of SOA Committees
  • Completion of the “New and Improved Website”
  • Operation and Administration of the newly formed “Somersett Town Center” Activity Center

Any other significant issues facing the SOA BOD in 2018? Please feel free to comment.

One thought on “SOA Board Election Results

  1. The landscaping Maintenance Easement Agreement between Somersett and Sierra Canyon needs to be voided.

    There needs to be a single contract with the landscape company for all common areas. The PUD says Somersett is to do all common area landscaping. Subs need an arrangement with Somersett that gives them some level of local authority when the landscaper is in their community. Locals know best. Why not two landscape companies for different geographic areas? A little competition never hurts.

    Somersett has admitted it is responsible for trail maintenance whether the trail is in Somersett or a sub. Reserves for that need to be boosted and work needs to be ongoing as too much to be done in any given year. Trails needs to be defined as the surface walked upon and immediate adjacent landscaping. In addition, erosion measures needs to be taken.

    Whenever anything is done in common areas, those in Somersett are always done first. There needs to be rotation of priority between master and subs.

    Chicken wire needs to be settled.

    Private mow-strips needs to be settled.

    Communication – physical means and content – needs to be improved. Owners are too often kept in the “dark.” Website needs to be made easy to use and allow for two-way communication a la many blogs throughout the Internet world.

    There is too much social news and not enough association business news conveyed to owners. That needs to change.

    Board needs to strictly follow NRS 116 as to what business is allowed for executive sessions. Too much association business is conducted behind closed doors. The whole thrust of NRS 116 is for openness, except for: (1) consulting with the attorney for the association on matters relating proposed or pending litigation; (2) to discuss the character, alleged misconduct, professional competence, or physical or mental health of a community manager or an employee of the association; (3) discuss a violation of the governing documents, including, without limitation, the failure to pay an assessment; (4) discuss the alleged failure of a unit’s owner to adhere to a schedule, if the alleged failure may subject the unit’s owner to a construction penalty; and (5) to hold a hearing on an alleged violation of the governing documents by a person who may be sanctioned, unless that person requests in writing that the hearing be conducted in open session. See NRS 116.31085 (3 and 4).

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