SOA Committee Members Needed

With all the significant issues facing the Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Directors in 2018, they will need much support from the various SOA Committees. Unfortunately, some of these Committees are currently understaffed. In this regard, Association Members who wish to serve their community by participating on one of the SOA Committees are encouraged to do so. Committee information may be found on the SOA website at To access, log on to the SOA website and go to the “Committees and Meetings” page under the “SOA” tab. Information contained on this webpage includes a listing of Committees, their current members and a link to the Committee Charter.

Committees on which Association members may serve are listed below along with their current staffing level. The numbers in parenthesis (x-y) represent the minimum to maximum number of authorized Association members per their respective Charters. To view any of the Committee Charters, simply click on the Committee name.

Communications Committee (5-8) – Current membership (3)
Facilities Committee (3-7) – Current membership (3)
Finance & Budget Committee  (5) – Current membership (2)
Community Standards Committee (4-8) – Current Membership(3)
West Park Committee (7) – Current membership (5)

What is confusing is why the SOA Committees and Meetings page only advertises open positions for the Communications Committee (2) and the Finance Committee (2). This is not consistent with the allotted number of members for the individual Committees. Perhaps this is due to an outdated member list or a BOD decision only to staff at the minimum allocated level. Maybe a combination of both, since the listed Election Oversight Committee has been disbanded, The Facilities Committee still has a “Strategic Planning “ function in its Charter (even though this function was apparently eliminated, hence the name change), and that the West Park Committee is being restructured to include both the East and West Parks.

Whatever the case, anyone wishing to serve on a SOA Committee needs to fill out the SOA Committee Application Form and forward it to the SOA’s Community Relations Coordinator, Kayla Franklin at, with a cc to the SOA Board at, or simply drop it off at the Club at Town Center reception desk.

In addition to Committee member information, the same SOA webpage contains links to “Recaps” of the various Committee meetings. However, these are sporadic with the last one dated July 11, 2017. In the spirit of improved communications and keeping Association members abreast of what activities the Committees are engaged in, it has been recommended that routine “Committee Reports” be published on the SOA Website. Perhaps on a bi-monthly basis, which could also be included in the bi-monthly Somersett Living Newsletter.