Submitted by Joe Bower, Sierra Canyon Owner

Don’t know who, but the suspicious finger points to Steve Guderian or Loren Farell two Sierra Canyon board members and both retired cops who have long been concerned with traffic matters within greater Somersett. Whoever you are, congratulations. Yes, I80 is not in greater Somersett, but close enough and all residents can benefit. Steve is also on the Somersett board.

Written by: Dennis O’Brien Communications Director – Sierra Canyon

“Many residents of Sierra Canyon choose to live here because it is perfect in so many respects. First, of course, is its status as a Del Webb, active adult community.

Another feature that may have been attractive to a lot of our current residents is the location of Sierra Canyon. The community is set either in the back or front of Somersett, depending on which way you exit and enter. It’s close enough to everything you need in the way of shopping and entertainment, yet far enough that every aspect of the city doesn’t permeate the quiet existence many residents love.

Of course, because of its seclusion, there are only two ways in and out of Sierra Canyon. You can either take the long trek down Somersett Parkway through a series of roughly 239 roundabouts (hyperbole, it’s really only six) or you can take the much shorter route to Interstate 80, through one roundabout and on to what might be one the more treacherous on-ramps on the I-80 corridor.

This precarious on-ramp may have gotten a little less scary and A LOT safer for Sierra Canyon residents, thanks, in part, to a specific resident who shall remain nameless. This resident has spent a lot of time corresponding with the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) hoping to bring some much-needed attention to this dangerous traffic situation. The following are the recent improvements that were made to the on-ramp. And although not official, there are some other potential changes that may happen within the next two years:

NDOT has repainted the yellow lines on the left and the white line on the right as you ascend the on-ramp. The striping as you merge on to the freeway prior to the arrows, as well as the arrows have also been repainted. The striping and the arrows make you feel like you have an actual lane rather than being dumped right on to the freeway amidst the 65-plus miles per hour traffic. The reflectors on the right side of the on-ramp have been repaired and in replaced where needed. This will help the driver focus on the oncoming freeway traffic rather than thinking about driving off the on-ramp. Finally, the light at the top of the on-ramp is now working.

The bottom line, NDOT will be continually working on the safety of the on-ramp.

While the resident who has been in contact with NDOT wishes to remain anonymous, management and staff at Aspen Lodge would like to thank this person for helping to make their commute home, as well as the travel of all Somersett and Sierra Canyon residents much safer.

If and when management receives more information on future improvements proposed by NDOT, we will be sure to share them with the entire community. “

2 thoughts on “I80 ON RAMP IMPROVEMENTS

  1. This is wonderful news! Thank you so much and thank you, Joe, for calling it to our attention.

    One other potentially dangerous or fatal situation is the bicycle crossway right on the other side of the Del Webb kiosk when exiting on Somerset Ridge Parkway toward I-80. There is signage there, but people are sometimes in a hurry to exit down that way and the kiosk blocks the driver’s view of the bicyclists who might be crossing there. If a motorist is slightly impaired, for one reason or other, this magnifies the risk. Bicyclists need to be required to stop and look, as well as motorists. a caution light would be expensive, but may be worth the investment. Please, someone, look into this. This is an tragedy waiting to happen.

    With appreciation,
    JoAnn Baird

  2. Send my thanks to whoever took this initiative. With more homes being built in Verdi traffic on the ramp is going to keep increasing.

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