December 14th BOD Meeting

The next Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Directors (BOD) open meeting is scheduled for December 14th, 2017 at 5:30 PM in the Canyon View Room at The Club at Town Center (TCTC). The Meeting Agenda may be accessed by clicking the following link:

December 14th BOD Meeting Agenda

The BOD Meeting packet which contains some of the details behind Agenda topics is available on the SOA website ( under the SOA/Committees & Meetings tab. Packet details are summarized as follows:

Committee Reports

  • Budget & Finance – Final approval of the consolidated debt bank loan to help finance the hillside and rockery wall repairs. Also, a recommendation to approve the appointment of Maryann McKinley to the Committee.
  • Communication – A recommendation to approve appointment of Nancy Chantos to the Committee.
  • SOA Parks – A discussion on a fund raising plan for the Somersett West Park. The City of Reno will be contributing $850,000 to its construction. However, per current plans, an estimated $1,250,000 will be required for completion. Therefore, a fund-raising project, conducted in conjunction with the Truckee Meadows Parks Foundation and the City of Reno, is planned to raise an additional $450,000. Details of the proposed fund rising project may be assessed by clicking on the following link:

Old Business

  • Legal Update – The SOA has settled lawsuits with twelve of the fourteen Somersett owners who purchased Northgate Golf Course property and subsequently incorporated it in into their original Somersett parcels. Litigation centered around the application of SOA governing documents to the Northgate parcel acquisitions. Settlement details with the twelve owners have not been released by the SOA. Litigation with the two remaining homeowners continues.
  • Rockery Wall & Landslide Repair  –  A status update by SOA Consulting Engineer Seth Padovan.
  • Pool Redesign, Site Plan & Project Management Proposals – The BOD Packet only contained a proposal from Ohlson Lavole Colllaborative (OLC) for additional services associated with the TCTC Pool Redesign Project. OLC is the same firm that developed the Pool Redesign option previously approved by the BOD, for which OLC’s construction estimates were grossly underestimated come bid time. The result being that this project is now on a construction hold. No “Site Plan or “Project Management” services were described in the BOD Packet.

New Business

  • Golf Course Maintenance (Sealed Bids) – In past years, this contract has been awarded to the Somersett Country Club at a price of slightly over $300K. It will be interesting to see if any competitive bids have been received.
  • Town Square Landscape Proposal – Two proposals for landscape maintenance of the Somersett Town Center properties have been received. One from Signature Landscapes for $24,972 annually and one from Reno Green at $2012 per service month. This encompasses all land within the Town Center complex except for the TCTC interior pool area and the land dedicated to the “Greens at Town Center” residential development. See SU’s previous post of December 5th entitled “Town Square Properties Cost Center” for background on the origin of these proposals.
  • Addendum to IT Contract – A proposal from IQ Technology Solutions to provide the SOA’s IT support at the rate of $2384 per month.
  • SOA Committee Items – 1) Primary and Alternate Board member assignments to the individual Committees, 2) Listing of owner memberships on individual Committees, 3) Proposed revisions to Committee Charters.
  • By-Law Revisions – The BOD is proposing changes to the following SOA By-Laws: 1)  Section 3.03 “Election and Term of Office”, change would increase the  BOD’s term of office from two to three years, 2)  Section 3.10 “Quorum”, change redefines the BOD quorum for conducting business from 66% to 60%, or effectively, from four BOD members present to three members, 3)  Section 3.15 “Executive Committee”, this section is to be deleted in its entirety, it previously identified an Executive Committee comprised of the BOD President, Secretary and Treasurer, who could be granted some limited powers in conducting Association business.

Note: Section 5.04 “Amendments” of the By-Laws states “These bylaws may be amended or repealed by approval of majority of the regular members”. It is assumed that, unless defined elsewhere, that regular members refers to all Somersett owners in good standing. Therefore, an owner vote would be required.

This will be the first BOD meeting for newly elected BOD Members, Jason Roland, Frank Leto and Steve Guderian and the first presided over by Tom Fitzgerald as the new BOD President. Ryan Burns remains as the Treasurer and Steve Guderian will serve as Secretary. Owners are encouraged to attend this BOD meeting, providing support to the new Board and to observe how they will function in the months to come. Also, to express their opinions or concerns on any of the agenda topics at the opening of the meeting, or unrelated topics at the conclusion.