At the December 14th BOD Meeting, the BOD President proposed, for discussion purposes, amendments to the SOA Bylaws, which would essentially, 1) increase BOD member terms from two years to three years and 2) change the “quorum” requirement necessary for the BOD to conduct official business from four members to three members. After some discussion, the BOD members agreed to review the Bylaws with regard to these changes plus any other recommended changes that they may have. All recommended changes would then be brought to the BOD for approval. Any approved changes would then be submitted to SOA owners for a ratification vote as required by Nevada Law.

Editorial Note:

The SOA Bylaws are not the only governing documents in need of a critical review. Perhaps more importantly are the CC&R’s and Articles of Incorporation. Please access the October 2017 Archives for the post entitled “SOA Governing Documents” for a summary of reasons for updating these documents.

Therefore, it is suggested that the BOD expand their review of the Bylaws to also include the CC&R’s and Articles of Incorporation, or perhaps appoint a Committee to accomplish same.

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