SOA Bylaws Changes

The following memo submitted by Steve Guderian, SOA BOD Member:

Thanks to SU for posting the info from the last SOA board meeting about the bylaw changes. SU made an interesting point about all of the community owned documents needing updated. A point that I agree with but I am not sure if this is a task that can be undertaken by the board alone in a reasonable amount of time. I also agree with the concern regarding 3 years being a long time commitment. Not only is there a possibility of board member resignations there is also a possibility of less people running for the board due to the 3 year commitment. Conversely, there really is a pretty steep learning curve for new board members and it does take a couple of years to actually get an understanding of NRS and all of the items associated with community. Overall I believe that this is a bylaw worth changing to see how things play out. Similarly, the change for the quorum change is also really needed. I would change it to 51% rather than 60% but either way works.

Over the course of reading SU posts I have seen a number of things about changing the community documents. At the very first meeting of the new SOA board this comes up and I have not seen any feedback from the Somersett Community. I would very much like to hear from the community on;

  • Any changes that need to occur to the community owned governing documents,
  • How much cost should be considered with this change
  • Follow up to cost, Should all of the documents be changed under one mailing?

Regarding cost, for the sake of this cost example lets say there are 3000 homes. This means any changes or denial of changes is going to require 1501 homes to vote. History tells us that it is going to take multiple mailings to reach this number. And there really is a chance that this number will not be met.

So, is going forward with community owned document changes a cost worth effort?

I am looking forward to hearing what the Somersett community has to say about this.

Steve Guderian
SOA Secretary