Canyon 9 Golf Course

The following regarding Mr. Guderian’s previous post of “Golf Course Knowledge” and subsequent reader comments.

The Canyon 9 Par 3 Nine Hole Golf Course is owned and operated by the Somersett Owners Association (SOA) as an amenity available for play by all Somersett residents for a fee. Play is also open to the public at a higher rate (see Canyon 9 Rate Structure at end of article).  Canyon 9 Operations are financially accounted for within the Common Area Operating Budget, which per 2018 contains the following related items:


  • C9 Operations – $320,000 (includes 3rd Party Maintenance Contract)
  • C9 Loan Interest – $20,116
  • C9 Operation Expense – $2,200
  • Other – None specifically identified as a Canyon 9 Expense (e.g., administrative costs)


  • C9 Green Fees, Equipment Rentals & Merchandise Sales – $36,000 (represents both SOA resident and public play)

The proceeding amounts are in keeping with expenses/revenues experienced in past years. As such, they represent a deficit of approximately $300K/year in Canyon 9 Operations to be made up via owner assessments, which amount to approximately $8.33/month.

It is unreasonable to expect Association amenities to be self-supporting, that is what association dues are all about. However, whether or not Canyon 9 serves a significant enough portion of the SOA Community to justify its expense has been put into question. Keep in mind it is one matter to question the financial justification of maintaining Canyon 9 as an Association amenity, but quite another to determine what to do with it should it be shut down.

Note that the biggest expense with regard to Canyon 9 is its maintenance. In the past, this service has always been provided via contract with the Somersett Country Club (SCC), which for the past two years was set at $309K annually. For 2018, this contract was recently awarded to Reno Green at $262K (a $47K annual savings).

In his response to Mr. Gurdrian’s post, Mr. Brooks expressed a concern on how the loss of maintenance revenue to the SCC, coupled with Rockery Wall failure liabilities, could impact SCC’s financial stability. This remains to be seen, as the SOA Board has not yet released any information on perceived SCC liability and/or legal action with respect to the Rockery Wall failures.

Canyon 9 Rate Structure

Seasonal                                                             Winter

  • Residents:  $7 Adult, $5 Junior                   Residents: $5 Adult, $3 Junior
  • Guests: $10 Adult, $7 Junior                       Guests: $7 Adult, $5 Junior
  • Public:  $20 Adult, $15 Junior                      Public: $15 Adult, $10 Junior

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