Posted by Geoffrey Brooks  – SOA Member

I attended the 1/9/18 NAB 5 meeting, primarily to find out about Ventana Ridge (166.8 acre site), 85 houses (SF9 lots) proposed within 700’ of the Painted River Trail/Peavine Creek Road. The ReImagine Reno plan calls for a moratorium on all tract development above 6000’. As there were no maps, no elevations for Ventana Ridge, I was curious to know how this would be “nestled” into the hillside and how high.

This part of the meeting was postponed as the builder is making revisions to his plan. On the 6000’ rule, I was told that the City cannot stop someone from developing his property above that elevation, if they choose to do so… However, the City can have a one dwelling/lot rule, and the owner is responsible for the infra-structure and has to pay to have it connected to the city! That is, no tract housing (like Ventana Ridge) up there! Another fact that came out is that developable land is in short supply and “dirt” is selling for $300/sq ft in the downtown area. This has to be added to the lack of construction workers…(who apparently can’t now live here due to the housing shortage).

At the NAB 5 meeting there was a fascinating presentation by the Truckee Meadows Parks Foundation, where private financial support is solicited for new and existing park infra-structure. TM Parks sponsor Park-based educational and recreational programs and act as mechanism through which citizens can advocate for their parks. They raise funding by encouraging residents to join, and better still participate in their “Discover Your Parks Walks” (free interpretative one mile walks for the community at local parks). They run an invaluable “Student Stewards” Program where they use our parks as a “Learning Laboratory”, and a Junior Naturalist Program.

At the November Board Meeting, I recall Nancy Chontos saying that they were seeking additional funding for West Park to supplement the expected $ short-fall from the City of Reno.

I attended the 1/18/18 SOA “Communication Committee” meeting, as Nancy is also a member of this committee as well as the West Park Committee. I wanted to make sure that we were aligned with the Truckee Meadows Parks Foundation. We are. There is a Somersett West Park page on their web site , dedicated to help Somersett raise monies to ensure that it is completed in a timely fashion. (Somersett’s new West Park was not mentioned in the NAB5 presentation)
Toll Brothers, along with their massive excavation/terra-forming program in Village 6, are lending a hand.

Here is a link to the Somersett West Park page in the Truckee Meadows Park Foundation web site.