January 24th BOD Meeting Packet

The January 24th BOD Meeting Packet in now available on the SOA Website (www.somersett.org) under the SOA/Committees and Meetings tab. The Meeting Packet provides detailed information in support of Agenda topics. A summary of which follows.

Note: SU apologizes for the lateness of this post. However, the BOD Meeting Packet was not made available until the same day (January 24th) as the BOD Meeting. Hopefully this will not be a standard practice.

3.0 Committee Reports

  • Finance – Looking at a $100K discount for early payoff of the Developer loans for The Club at Town Center (TCTC) and Canyon 9 Golf Course. Under legal review along with the Rockery Wall litigation, see Item 7.a below.
  • General Manager – For the first time a detailed General Manager’s report has been included in the BOD Meeting Packet. This report contains a detailed summary of: 1) Aesthetic Guidelines Committee (AGC) and Community Standards Committee (CSC) actions, 2) the Club at Town Center (TCTC) operations, activities and usage factors, 3) updates on SOA Special Projects, Maintenance, Landscaping and Engineering activities. This is a very informative report that will continue to be a part of the Meeting Packet in the future.

4.0 December Meeting Minutes  –  A comprehensive recap as to what occurred at the December 14th 2017 BOD meeting. A much improved recap over previous administrations.

6.a Legal Updates

  • Rockery Wall Defects – The SOA has filed civil action against the Somersett Developer, Somersett Development Company, and other parties regarding defects in the common area rockery walls. Proceedings are in the early stages with no reported details or identification as to who the other parties are.
  • Northgate Lot Expansion Litigation – Settlement agreements have been reached with twelve of the fourteen Somersett owners who expanded their lot size by purchase of Northgate Golf Course parcels. Litigation centered around SOA control over the added land. Although the SOA Attorney update memo did not list settlement details, it has been separately reported that for agreements currently recorded: 1) owners have agreed that SOA CC&R’s will apply to the lot expansion property, 2) the SOA will waive AGC fees for already performed or planned property improvements, and 3) each owner will receive a $500 settlement amount.

6.b Rockery Wall & Slope Repairs  –  All projects (SBE, Timaru Ct, Trail Ridge) are under construction. The SBE repair work is nearly complete, Timaru Ct 75% complete and Trail Ridge 30% complete.

6.c Pool Redesign & Project Management Proposal  –  This topic relates to a modification of TCTC pool primarily with regard to relocation and expansion of the pool slide feature. The original approved design resulted in a construction cost that was overpriced and well above the budgeted amount. Therefore, an activity is underway to come up with a redesign that is within budgetary constraints. In this regard, a proposal from Padovan Consulting, LLC has been received for consideration. Proposal is for pool redesign and project management services. Proposed amount totals approximately $11.600 which includes both fixed price and T&M services. No estimate as to what the proposed redesign will cost to implement.

7.a Engagement Agreement for Rockery Wall Litigation  –  A proposed agreement, including fees, between the SOA and its Attorneys (WRSS&R LLP) to represent the SOA in its claims against others with regard to the Rockery Wall deficiencies. Fees are as follows: $375/hr for Partners of Counsel, $285-$350/hr Other Attorneys, $160/hr Paralegals and $120/hr Clerks.

7.b Town Square Snow Removal  =  Proposal from Signature Landscapes LLC for snow removal services at Town Center Properties. Required because Reno Green (previous snow removal contractor) will no longer be providing landscape services at the Town Center. The Town Center landscape contract was awarded to Signature Landscape at the last BOD meeting. Snow removal costs are based on hourly rates for type of equipment utilized. Trigger point for services is a 2 inch snow depth.

7.c Town Square Budget  –  The “Management Oversight” expense item (performed by FirstServices Residential) for the newly implemented Town Center Operating fund has been reduced by $700/month (a $8400 annual saving).

7.d Saddle Tree Trail Common Area Repair  –  A $16K proposal for slope erosion stabilization and ditch cleanup work in the common area between Saddle Tree Trail and Placerwood Trail.

7.e Path/Sidewalk Patch  –  Opening of bids for asphalt patching of common area pathways, sidewalks, access roads and gated area streets. Areas effected are described in the Bid Instructions document contained within the BOD Meeting Packet.

7.g SGCC Proposed Method for Billing Electricity for Canyon9  –  A breakdown of the electricity costs associated with the pumps (Mogul and Morgan Pointe Stations) supplying water to the SGCC and Canyon9 golf courses. Total annual costs are approximately $16.7K, of which $6.4K (38%) is the proposed allocation to Canyon9. No explanation as to how the SGCC vs Canyon9 usage ratios were determined.

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