January 24th SOA BOD Meeting Results

Following is a recap of actions/approvals taken on the referenced Agenda items at the January 24th SOA BOD Meeting. See previous posts entitled “January 24th BOD Meeting Packet” and “January 24th BOD Meeting Agenda” for all agenda topics and associated details.

3.b Facilities Committee – The BOD approved Glenda Powell (past SOA BOD President) for service on the Facilities Committee. Also approved the issuance of four quest passes to eligible owners for 2018 usage at The Club at Town Center (TCTC).

6.a Legal Update, Somersett Owners Association v. Somersett Development Company, et. al – Civil action regarding Rockery Wall defects are in early stages of litigation proceedings. Defendants are the Somersett Community Developer and currently unidentified “John Does”. The BOD advised that owner notifications and voting process are required and will be forthcoming.

6.c Pool Redesign & Project Management Proposal – Proposals from Ohison Lavole Corporation ($4,500) and Padovan Consulting Corp ($11,600) for TCTC pool redesign and project management services were accepted. This to support construction of proposed pool modifications (i.e., pool slide feature) that can fall within budgetary constraints. Previous approved design resulted in a construction bid of $1.2M that far exceeded the original design cost estimate of $278K.

7.a Ratify Engagement Agreement for Rockery Wall Litigation – The Litigation Agreement between the SOA and its Attorneys (Wolf, Rifkin, Shapiro, Schulman and Rabkin, LLP) pertaining to item 6.a above was approved.

7.b Town Square Snow Removal – Proposal from Signature Landscapes, LLC for snow removal services was accepted. Proposal amount based on hourly rates.

7.d Saddle Tree Trail Common Area Repair – The Nevada Environmental Consulting, LLC proposal of $15,524 for soil erosion mitigation and ditch cleanup work was accepted.

7.e Path/Sidewalk Patching (Sealed Bids) – Bids for asphalt patching of common area pathways, sidewalks and gated area streets were received from the following vendors: 1) Vega Asphalt Paving at $77,584, 2) Vance Brothers at $152,743 and 3) Sierra Nevada Construction at $53,200. The BOD voted to accept the Sierra Nevada Construction Bid.

7.g SGCC Proposed Method for Billing Electricity for Canyon9 – Common pumping stations supply water to both the Somersett Country Club (SGCC) and Canyon9 Golf Courses. The SGCC submitted a proposed allocation of pump electricity costs between the SOA and the SGCC. The BOD was concerned that the proposed cost allocation favored the SGCC and tabled acceptance pending further evaluation.

7.h Computer(s) Upgrade Proposal – Proposal from IQ technology Solutions of $5,750 for new computer equipment was accepted.

7.j 2017 Audit Proposal – Proposal from Hilburn & Lein CPAs, not to exceed $6975, for 2017 Audit services was accepted.

Pre Meeting Homeowner Comments on Agenda Topics

  1. A question was raised as to whether the Rockery Wall Defect litigation against the Somersett Development Company fall under Nevada Statutes requiring notifications, disclosures, meetings and owner approvals. Also will the Somersett Country Club be a party to this litigation as a plaintiff or defendant, given that an estimated $500K of repair work is required on the SGCC leased land from the SOA. Subsequent BOD response was yes to the former and no response on the later.
  2. An analysis of the SGCC proposed billing split for electricity costs associated with pumping stations providing water to the SGCC and Canyon9 golf courses was presented, with the conclusion that the proposed split was unfair to the SOA. Subsequent BOD response concurred that this was a valid concern and action on this item was deferred pending further evaluation.

Post Meeting Homeowner Comments on Any Topic 

  1. A homeowner gave a lengthy presentation on what is considered a significant fire danger due to dense vegetation on common area slopes adjacent to their property and why it cannot be cleared in a timely manner. BOD response was that limited fire mitigation funds are available and, therefore, would first be applied to higher priority areas.
  2. The General Manager Report summarizing SOA activities contained in the BOD Meeting Packet was deemed very informative and the decision to publish monthly and post on the SOA website a good one. It was suggested that the posting of Committee Reports on the website should also be undertaken.
  3. A question as to why the BOD continues to dodge whether or not the SOA will go after the SGCC for Rockery Wall repair costs on their leased land was raised. BOD response was that legal considerations prohibited any reply at this time.

6 thoughts on “January 24th SOA BOD Meeting Results

  1. If everyone is really that unhappy, California would love to have you. What a toxic group… Honestly if HOA dues are too high for you, Stead is always an option

    1. Oversu,

      What toxic group are you referring to?

      I believe it fair to say that most enjoy living in Somersett and have no problem with the dues as I do. However, how about a little empathy for those who may object to some of their dues going to support Country Club operations, something they did not sign up for, or perhaps are struggling to meet all their household expenses.

      Your comment is unwarranted and really reflects an elitist attitude

    2. Hey Jim,
      You know which group oversu is referring to. It’s this group.
      Rhoades likes to call people names and make disparaging remarks – on this site and others. And this poor little amateur website encourages that sort of thing. This site is just a compilation of content stolen from elsewhere and then given a negative spin.
      Oversu is not an “elitist” if the opinion expressed represents the majority instead of the few ( which it does). The “elitists” are the one’s who live here and don’t feel they should bear the expenses of keeping Somersett beautiful.
      I agree with Oversu (as do most). If you don’t like Somersett, move to Stead – or Lemmon Valley. And quit calling people names. Name calling is the last resort of the desparate.

  2. No portion of dues paid to Somersett goes to support Country Club operations.

    Approximately $8.00 of the monthly dues goes towards the loan and its interest that Somersett took out to buy the Country Club and lease it back to them.

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