SC Dehumidifier Litigation

Posted by Joe Bower – Sierra Canyon Homeowner

Part 1

On August 29, 2017 Sierra Canyon via its lawyer, Eva Segerblom, Esq. (formerly represented Somersett with the Maddox law firm where she is now a partner) filed a civil suit against PN II, Inc., (Pulte) et. al. – the developer of Sierra Canyon as well as potentially others who participated in the design, development and installation of the dehumidifier in the indoor pool room at the Aspen Lodge.

On January 19, 2018 the judge granted without prejudice PN II’s motion to dismiss the action.

Part II

Copied from the Sierra Canyon website:

Hello Fellow Sierra Canyon Owners,

Late morning today, February 13, 2018 (conveniently the day before our board election thus shutting out any input from the to be newly elected board members) an appeal was filed by our attorney in the Pulte Dehumidifier Case. So the Case continues.

As has been mentioned, the executive board may meet in executive session to consult with the attorney for the association on matters relating to proposed or pending litigation.

That right must be respected, especially when legal strategy is being discussed. HOWEVER, once a document has been filed with the court it is public. After that has happened, I and other owners believe our board should provide as detailed an update as possible to all dues paying unit owners.

An important a matter as this one should not wait for a board meeting at which a small percentage of owners attend.

We get bombarded with association social/Lodge activities related emails, but zilch on association business. Hopefully that will change once some new members of the board have been seated.

One thought on “SC Dehumidifier Litigation

  1. We are going to be spending more on legal fees then a new humidifier. What are we doing? A judge dismissed it. What don’t we get. No more raising of our dues for this action. As usual lawyers make out and we end up with the bill.

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