A Homeowner Thought on the MEA

Submitted by Joe Bower – Sierra Canyon Homeowner

This is a good time for the two boards to agree to cancel the MEA !

The original MEA states:

“In order to maintain a uniform landscaping scheme along the Main Thoroughfare, Somersett Owners Association desires an easement for the purpose of maintaining repairing and replacing the landscape, hardscape, softscape, and related irrigation systems, including controllers, within the Easement Area (“Somersett Obligations”).” (emphasis added)

The revised MEA states:

“for the purpose of maintaining a uniform scheme, including without limitation maintaining, repairing and replacing the landscape, hardscape, softscape, and related irrigation systems, including controllers, within the easement areas – along Somersett and Del Webb Parkways (the Main Thoroughfare.)” (emphasis added)

Anyone who is not blind can see that there is no such thing as a “uniform landscaping scheme aka uniform scheme” on the long with six roundabouts Somersett Parkway (a small portion of which lies within Sierra Canyon – between the NE Monument and the intersection of Del Webb Parkways East and West) and Del Webb Parkway East and Somersett Ridge Parkway – the three of which comprise the Main Thoroughfare.

The differences between Somersett Parkway and the two parkways in Sierra Canyon is like the difference between technicolor (Somersett Parkway) and black and white (the two parkways in Sierra Canyon). Another way of saying it, is the difference between day and night. Just drive or walk (with eyes open) from one end to the other. No need to demonstrate here by describing plant/tree species and rock/boulder sizes and their absence along the route.

The original document says “Somersett and Del Webb Parkways” There are two Del Webb Parkways (East and West).

Somersett has never performed maintenance on DWPWest. In addition, DWPWest does not have a landscaped center divider. DWPWest has houses on it with most of the curbside landscaping the responsibility of homeowners and not any association. DWPEast has no houses on it. Big differences between the two “Del Webbs.”

The Main Thoroughfare is Somersett-DWPEast-Somersett Ridge. It is not correctly/fully described in either document.

It should be noted that the revised document says: “There are presently two entrance features at SC. There is one that is at the north east entrance on Somersett-Ridge Parkway (“NE Entrance’”) and one that is at the south west entrance off of US 40 and US 80 on Somersett-Ridge Parkway (SW Entrance)”.

That sentence contains errors: (1) north east should be spelled northeast; (2) Somersett Ridge is spelled twice with a hyphen when there is no hyphen in its legal spelling; (3) the NE Entrance is not on Somersett Ridge Parkway. It is on Somersett Parkway; (4) the SW Entrance is not off of US 40 and US 80. There is a roundabout at that location. Rather the SW Entrance is a distance from the roundabout on Somersett Ridge Parkway at the geographical entrance/exit and the convergence of the opposing two lanes of traffic.

These basic errors call into the question the validity of the document itself.

All of the, attached to the revised document, “fancy-dancy” legal wording descriptions, maps, and aerial photographs (at what cost) depicting the Maintenance Easement Area to be maintained by Somersett mean nothing to the crew workers on the ground. There are no lines on the soil that tell a worker on which side he is to mow/rake/water/clear snow and the other side where he doesn’t.

In addition to all this confusion, there is a sentence in the PUD which says:

“ALL COMMON AREAS, including pedestrian easements, streetscapes, open space, parks, “commons,” and trails WILL BE MAINTAINED BY THE SOMERSETT OWNERS ASSOCIATION (when enabling legislations is passed by the City of Reno allowing such districts.)” – emphasis added – Pay no attention to “enabling legislation” as that has already happened when the City Council approved the PUD.

At its December 14, 2015 meeting the Somersett Board agreed the maintenance of the trails within Sierra Canyon is the responsibility of Somersett (asphalt repair and patching is right now being done under the auspices of Somersett).

Somersett has yet to admit it is also responsible for all the common areas in Sierra Canyon, not just the parkway ones. Up until recently maintenance of common areas meant landscaping. Rickety walls were not on anyone’s mind, but they are there along with some man-made structures that Somersett is to maintain per the PUD.

A financial analysis needs to be made, but it appears when Somersett assumes the landscaping of all common areas in Sierra Canyon our dues to Somersett would go up a little, but go down more to Sierra Canyon.

Since there would only be one Somersett contract for common area landscaping throughout Somersett, Sierra Canyon would require some level of authority (and a monthly spending limit) over the crew when it is in Sierra Canyon. No one knows what needs to be done better than the locals. A volunteer landscaping coordinator position for liaison with Somerset would need to be established.

2 thoughts on “A Homeowner Thought on the MEA

  1. My understanding was that the infra-structure in Sierra Canyon was built by Pulte … and that would include the Rockery Walls – under some of the building pads.

    Hence all complaints about building and infra-structure robustness and quality- should be directed back at them. They only gave up control of the HOA about 2 years ago.

    Maintenance of paths is the responsibility of SOA … but that is a budgeted expense – and paths have a lifetime of about ~5 years (reserve study).

    Walls, according to our reserve studys, have a lifetime of 30 years… sometimes walls will last a lot, lot longer

  2. Pulte gave up control of Sierra Canyon at the end of 2014.

    Via contractors Pulte built all the homes, Lodge, and infrastructure.

    See “30 year” comment under article by Mr. Brooks.

    There are no paths. They are trails.

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