SC Maintenance Easement Agreement

With the proposed lawsuit against Somersett Development Company et. al. regarding SOA rockery wall defects, questions have been raised as to why rockery walls within Sierra Canyon (SC) were not included in the rockery wall assessment report performed by American Geotechnical and the subsequent lawsuit. At the Litigation Information Meeting, the SOA Attorney clearly stated that maintenance of common area rockery walls within SC were the responsibility of the SC HOA and not the SOA (this also applied to other Sub-associations as well).

However, it has been questioned as to whether or not some of the Sierra Canyon walls may actually fall under SOA responsibility based on the 4/11/2017 Maintenance Easement Agreement (MEA) between SC and the SOA. The MEA establishes an easement along the Del Webb and Somersett Parkways within SC for which the SOA has maintenance responsibility.

For those interested in reading the MEA for themselves, a copy of such may be accessed via the following link (also available under the References tab on this website):

1st Amendment to Maintenance Easement Agreement

2 thoughts on “SC Maintenance Easement Agreement

  1. Sierra Canyon dues paid to Somersett since the very beginning of Somersett have been for common areas. When people think of common areas they think of landscaping, but common areas also include walls. Sierra Canyon does not receive any dues money from non-Sierra Canyon owners, i.e. not from Somersett.

    BTW owners in the two other sub-associations (The Vue and The Village) also pay dues towards Somersett common areas; and Somersett doesn’t pay dues to them.

    The simplest way to understand this is to look on Somersett as the federal government and the subs as state governments.

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