A Chicken Wire Perspective

Submitted by Roger Rabbit – A SOA Common Area Resident

I object to those humans who wish to legalize the use of “chicken wire” on the split rail fences in Somersett. Even though it is inexpensive, easy to install, hard to see, and inoffensive to the vast majority of Somersett owners, it is discriminatory to all us desert cottontails (I despise the term “Pesky Rabbits”) by denying us access to nourishing food supplies (i.e., green grass, vegetables, abundant flowers and other lush plants) that were selfishly planted by humans for their enjoyment only. I do not see any provisions for denying such access to mice, birds, squirrels and all sort of insects, so why deny us cute little white tailed furry animals a similar courtesy?

Also, be advised that us desert cottontails are Nevada protected and designated as a small game animal. We can only be hunted during designated hunting seasons, which for this season was October 14, 2017 through February 28th, 2018, so don’t get any ideas about pellet guns or traps if forced to take down your chicken wire.

Any humans out there with me on this?

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