Momuments and Chicken Wire


The following repairs and modifications have been proposed for Somerset’s West Entrance Monument (i.e., the one depicted in the above SU header banner).

  • Permanent removal of the two wing walls and relocation of the attached electrical services. These walls have been the subject of automobile accidents (one fatal) in the past and are considered a visibility safety hazard. The SOA is in receipt of an insurance settlement for the existing damaged wing wall which still needs repair.
  • Permanent removal of the existing column mounted light fixtures (eight total). Apparently these fixtures were improperly mounted and are the source of frequent maintenance.
  • Permanent removal of the existing “Del Webb” and “AT SOMERSETT” illuminated signage from both sides of the upper monument levels. These to be replaced with a new on-ground “Somersett” sign in front of the Monument. Sign to be similar to the one at Somersett’s East Entrance Island.
  • Removal of the existing in-ground landscape lighting and installation of new in-ground up-lighting to illuminate the four monument columns plus the proposed new Somersett sign.
  • Monument landscape/stucco repairs and repainting.

Bids were requested from three contractors, but only one, Avilla Construction, responded. The Avilla bid for $63K was opened at the February 28th BOD Meeting. After some discussion on costs and the basis for the proposed sign changes, the BOD voted to redefine the scope of work to just include demolition of the wing walls and their associated electrical and landscape repairs. Decisions on the proposed signage and lighting modifications were delayed to assess options and community input.

One proposed option (not quoted on) was to eliminate the “Del Webb” signage as well as the “AT” in the “AT SOMERSETT”, replacing the “AT” with the Somersett Leaf logo. In this event the proposed on-ground Somersett sign would not be included.

During the BOD discussion on the basis for the proposed sign changes, no reference was made to the amended Maintenance Easement Agreement (MEA) between the Somersett Owners Association (SOA) and Sierra Canyon (SC). Per the MEA: “SC understands SOA’s agreement to accept responsibility for maintenance of the SW Entrance feature is with the intent to change the signage thereon to reflect it as an entry to the entire Somersett development without mention of any neighborhoods, sub-associations or their developers”.

Chicken Wire

The “Chicken Wire” controversy raised its feathered head in a February 28th BOD Meeting discussion. Board Member Steve Guderian proposed a resolution for temporary suspension on the enforcement of poultry wire use violations, that is, except for egregious circumstances. Mr. Guderian opined that the SOA Aesthetic Guidelines Committee (AGC) has the power to make decisions regarding its use, and that we need to take a closer look at this situation. After much discussion, pro and con, the Board voted, although not unanimously, to approve the resolution.

This raises the question as to what constitutes an egregious violation (i.e., conspicuously bad, flagrant, gross, shocking, outrageous, or whatever)? Assume that it will be up to the SOA Compliance Director, Kenna Foote, and the AGC to decide while its use is adjudicated.

8 thoughts on “Momuments and Chicken Wire

  1. Too bad Sierra Canyon can’t secede.

    The entrance matter was pushed into the MEA by a few and not brought before Sierra Canyon association members for input. Meanwhile a careful study of the PUD will reveal that the MEA is not necessary and should be formally abrogated.

    The biggest reason why people move into HOA’s is for rules and their enforcement which go a long way towards protecting property values. Rules should be enforced, and not suspended, until they are formally changed.

    Suspension only leads to a massive spreading of the “violation” until the “violation” becomes the norm; or leads to grandfathering of some owners and not others. Bottom line is associations need to enforce from the git go before they get out of hand, i.e unenforceable. What’s next “purple houses?”

    The AGC approves/disapproves exterior improvement plans and sets architectural/landscaping guidelines. It has nothing to do with enforcement. That is a function of the Somersett Community Standards Committee and the Somersett Board. Subs get into the enforcement act and can have stricter but not contradictory rules of their own.

    There are many non-architectural/landscaping rules. See Article IV of the Somersett CC&R’s.

    The big question is: Does Somersett enforce its Article IV Rules or do Subs? If one looks on Somersett as “federal” and Subs as “state” the Somersett does and not Subs. The federal/state example is a simple description of the master and sub-association relationship in HOA’s.

    Really folks, the complexities of all this are too much for here. Bottom line: the only way to fight city hall is to join it.

  2. Why is Del Webb being erased? If we pay HOA fees to both organizations, how come we don’t even rate a sign or designation of our existence? Not happy about the lack of Del Webb signage. 🙁

  3. All you need are a couple of Raptors (Red tailed Hawks) and some of the hungry owls circling overhead – much better than chicken wire.

    Plus the hungry coyotes.

    Non seasonal game hunters

    Bye Bye Brer Rabbit

  4. Why is the Del Webb sign coming down? We moved here because it is a Del Webb and not because of Somersett. Del Webb is a national brand and we feel it adds value. Please give me an answer.

    1. Marilyn,

      Perhaps you should ask the Sierra Canyon BOD this question, after all they approved it. However, the contract for the monument repairs and signage changes has not yet been let by the SOA. This is on the agenda for the March 28th SOA BOD Meeting at TCTC. One can always voice their opinions on this subject. Preferably at the beginning of the meeting, after is too late!

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