6 thoughts on ““California Housing Problems Are Spilling Across Its Borders”

        1. Dusty,

          Did you attempt to read the article by just clicking on the URL in the Post? It shoud have worked. However, here are a couple ways to bypass a newspapers paywall if you want to access a single article.

          1. Google The Article’s Title

          To read an article that is protected by a paywall, copy and paste the title of the article and search for it in Google or Bing. if you search for the title in Google, you should be able to read the entire article because the website may allow you to read it since you were referred to them by Google or Bing. If you can’t find the article in Google, try entering the websites name as well.

          2. Google The Article’s URL

          If you can’t find the article, try Googling the URL of the article. In Google Chrome, you can simply add a question mark ( ? ) before the URL to search for it in Google. Make sure you Google the URL of the article, not the URL of the subscription page.

          1. Finally got the article. Forgot I had not used up my free reads on Chrome, IE and Opera. I think the moral is, cities either grow or die. It may not be pleasant for some but at least we’re not Stockton which is dying.

            I bought in Apr, 2004 so I’m still looking to get back to that value. If I sell, I pay an agent 4%, plus 5 or 6000 to move and maybe some presale fixups. I still have a way to go to break even and the rock wall screw up in Somersett isn’t helping.

            Thanks for the article.

          2. Thank you for the explanation. Too often initials are used in posts, with the assumption that everyone is up to speed on their meaning. In answer to the question do I “EVEN know what PayPal is?”…I do.

            Which brings up a point: There are legitimate gripes, and frustrations out there that warrant attention, and respect.

            Unfortunately the intended audience automatically block out what comes across as rants, and condescending verbiage…resulting in the loss of an important message, or idea.

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