Somersett Monuments

Submitted by Joe Bower  –  Sierra Canyon Homeowner

There are three entry/exit monuments. The one near the Goddard school is the East Monument. The one coming into Sierra Canyon (Del Webb Reno) from Somersett is the NE Monument. The one on Somersett Ridge is the SW Monument – both as named in the infamous MEA Agreement.

The Somersett board is wrong to refer to Monuments as East and West. They forget there is one in the middle.

The damages to the SW Monument occurred in February and October of 2017. It is an embarrassing shame that the Somersett board is just now talking about making needed repairs and how long until they are actually completed???

Another example of how “step-sister” Del Webb is treated by the mighty “father.”

3 thoughts on “Somersett Monuments

  1. Joe,

    Are you implying that if it had been the “NE Monument” off of Somersett Parkway that was damaged the SOA would have fixed it by now?

    Regarding the Monuments in general, I can see the logic of having both the NE and SW entrance signage to Somersett proper being similar. I also emphasize with those Sierra Canyon residents who may feel slighted by the elimination of the Dell/Webb/Sierra Canyon signage from the SW Monument. However, is this not now a dead issue, given that the Sierra Canyon Board agreed with this via the renegotiated and approved MEA?

  2. Too long a story for this blog, but the MEA (Maintenance Easement Agreement) should never have been signed. The bottom line is Somersett has never lived up to the basic premise in the original and amended Agreements of “maintaining a uniform scheme” along the parkways in Somersett and Sierra Canyon. Anyone driving their length can see there us no “uniform scheme” as Somersett Parkway looks like color TV while the Del Webb Webb Parkways (East and Somersett Ridge) look like black & white TV.

    The NE Monument along with the land under and immediately adjacent to it is for Sierra Canyon to maintain.

    However, there is damage (not very much, but getting worse) to a small structure in the MEA Zone that Somersett maintains along the exit side of Somersett Parkway across from the NE Monument. Some people visually think that structure is part of the Monument, but physically it isn’t. Somersett Parkway runs between these two structures. As stated, it is in the area (MEA Zone) shown on the map that Somersett is to maintain. Not only has it not done so, but also it is not included along with the now anticipated repair work to be done at the SW Monument. Common sense would say to repair both structures at the same time while the repair company is on site. Wish I knew how to put a photo here to better show readers.

    Regarding the SW Monument on Somersett Ridge Parkway, per the MEA Somersett will maintain, repair and/or replace the SW Monument, landscape, hardscape, softscape and irrigation, etc. around the structure. Sierra Canyon understands Somersett’s “agreement to accept responsibility for maintenance of the SW Monument is with the intent to change the signage thereon to reflect it as an entry to the entire Somersett development without mention of any neighborhoods, sub-associations or their developers” (thus further emphasizing the Sierra Canyon/Del Webb inferior status within Somersett).

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