March 28th BOD Meeting Update

The SOA has released an update to the March 28th BOD Meeting Agenda previously posted. The revised agenda may be accessed via the following link:

Revised March 28 BOD Meeting Agenda

In addition to the revised Agenda, the related Board Meeting Packet has also been released and is available on the SOA’s website at (login required).

Information pertaining to the revised Agenda items, as obtained from the Board Meeting Packet, follow:

Old Business

6.a.  –  Nothing new to report on SOA litigation items, including the Rockery Wall lawsuit against Somersett Development Company et. al.
6.b. & 6.c. – An update on the following SOA projects: 1) Rockery Wall and Slope Failures, 2) Canyon9 Pond Sediment Removal, 3) Common Area Drainage & Hillside Erosion, 4) Asphalt Maintenance and 5) TCTC Slide Relocation and Landing Pool; may be accessed via the following link:

SOA Engineering Update

6.d. – Some additional tests are needed to determine an equitable split between the SOA and SGCC on electrical costs for Canyon9 water pump operation.
6.e. – A discussion on the SW Entrance Monument repair. An interesting development here is that per the FSR General Manager Report he was “contacted by a representative from Somersett Development informing me they would be removing the ‘Del Webb at’ lettering from the Monument at their expense. The reason based on complaints from other buildings indicating that the signage was confusing potential buyers that utilized that entrance into the community”. The question here is, should not Somersett Development Company. be requesting rather than informing, also what buildings are they referring to?

New Business

7.a. – A discussion on last month’s motion to suspend enforcement of poultry wire violations, that is except for egregious violations at the discretion of the SOA Compliance Coordinator.
7.b. – Proposed provision for inclusion in the “Greens at Town Center” Condominium CC&R’s detailing the payment of “driveway assessments” to the SOA Master Association. Initially at $10/month per Condominium owner.
7.c. – A proposal to increase the AGC fees for “External Changes” from $200 to $400. External changes include paint color change, mow strip, landscaping, water features, play structures, hot tubs, solar, trellis, sheds or any other exterior change to the property or home. Refundable portion after inspection is increased from $90 to $175. Note that this gives the SOA a net gain of $115 per application. Reason being to off set increased professional costs due to the increasing number of submittals and inspections.
7.d. – A Finance Committee recommendation to raise Developer transfer fees to $750 as of July 1, 2018 and $1000 as of January 1, 2019.
7.e. – A recommendation from the Communications Committee to extend TCTC WI-FI services to the pool and tennis court areas. Quote from IQ Technology Solutions is for a $70/month recurring charge.
7.f. – Discussion on a petition signed by several Somersett residents for the SOA to enforce the AGC minimal outside lighting guidelines. A specific complaint of non-compliance has been identified for the Eagle Bend Trail area.