Submitted by: Joe Bower, Sierra Canyon Owner

To me it is borderline criminal that the Association puts out the agenda for its monthly open session meeting ten days in advance of the meeting per NRS 116.31083 (5) and then about 3 days before the meeting updates it with the serious stuff leaving owners little time to do any research so they can ask intelligent questions at the meeting.

It’s called “How To Keep Owners In The Dark.”


SU Comment: Mr. Bower makes a good point here, especially with regard to “serious stuff”. However, given that something may come up that is time sensitive , one can emphasize with the BOD for adding to the agenda within the 10 day period. The Nevada statute that Mr. Bower references does provide some “implied” wiggle room in this regard by stating “In an emergency, the executive board may take action on an item which is not listed on the agenda as an item on which action maybe taken”.
As long as the Mr’ Bower’s concern is not a frequent abuse, then perhaps one can be a little forgiving.