Submitted by Joe Bower, Sierra Canyon Owner

I have verified with the City that ONLY Somersett can apply to amend the PUD for Somersett which includes three sub-associations of which Sierra Canyon is one.

That means neither the Sierra Canyon Board nor individual Sierra Canyon Association Members are able to amend the Somersett PUD.

The process requires a master plan amendment put together via a coordinated effort by Somersett and its consultant (possibly Wood Rogers who has done extensive work for the original developer and the Association after he turned Somersett over to an all-owner board) and maybe throw in a lawyer or two and the Reno Community Development Department with final approval being done by the City Council.

I would suppose Somersett would be receptive to Sierra Canyon providing input for their consideration on revising other provisions in the PUD when drawing up their application to amend, but nothing that would allow Sierra Canyon to no longer be part of Somersett.

It is obvious to me that Somersett would never amend the PUD to have Sierra Canyon not be a part of Somersett. They cannot afford to lose our annual/monthly assessment nor any special assessments that might arise.

In my opinion, there is no way for Sierra Canyon to be out/secede from from Somersett.

Sierra Canyon owners are stuck. Enjoy or move out.