SOA General Managers Report

Beginning  this year the Somersett Owners Association (SOA) FirstService Residential (FSR) General Manager, Tracy Carter, began publishing a monthly “General Managers Report”, which may be found on the Association website ( under the SOA/Committees and Meetings page (login required).

The report provides a summary of on-going activities and issues within the SOA community, including the following:

  • Aesthetic Guidelines Committee (AGC) and Community Standards Committee (CSC) activity
  • The Club at Town Center (TCTC) events, activities and usage factors
  • Special Projects updates
  • TCTC, Gates and Common Area maintenance work
  • Engineering updates from Padovan Consulting LLC (the SOA’s consulting engineer) on ongoing major engineering projects (e.g. rockery wall & hillside repairs, Canyon9 pond cleanup, asphalt repairs, etc.).
  • General Manager personal activity

For those who wish to keep abreast on what’s happening within the Somersett community, this report provides an excellent summary. However, when reading be aware that the information contained therein may be somewhat dated due to the time lapse from when the report is prepared, accepted at the BOD Meeting and subsequently published on the Association website.

For our readers who have not yet established login capability for the Association’s website, you are encouraged to do so. Note that the Association websites “Committees and Meetings” page also contains Recaps/Meeting Minutes for the various SOA Committee Meetings. Although not always on a routine basis.



2 thoughts on “SOA General Managers Report

  1. I notice that the SU website now includes clip art stolen from the Internet in artilcles. Very nice!

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