April 25th BOD Meeting Agenda and Information Packet

The April 25th BOD Meeting Agenda (see April 15th Post) has been revised to include the following items:

  • Unanimous Written Consent – Somersett Development Lawsuit
  • Budget Blinds Proposal for TCTC Kids Room
  • Revised Expense Policy
  • Drainage Map Evaluation Proposal

The SOA has also published (on the SOA Website) the BOD Meeting Packet which provides supplemental information on Agenda items as follows (SU comments in italics):

Committee Reports

  • 4.a – Budget & Finance Committee – Scheduling interviews for adding one new member to the committee.
  • 4.b – Facilities Committee – 1) Garden Tour cancelled due to lack of interest, 2) recommendations for placement of cross walk signage at Willow Ranch Trail, Fire Station/Vue Crosswalk, Andover Trail and Kenton Trail, 3) seeking two members to serve on the Committee.
  • 4.c – Communication Committee – Submitted a draft “Somersett Owners Association Website Standard Terms And Conditions” document for legal review and BOD approval. Purpose of document is to govern the use of the SOA website by its visitors.
  • 4.d – Community Standards Committee – Recommends a revision to the Association Rules and Regulations policy document to authorize three annual community wide garage sales in lieu of the current two.
  • 4.e – SOA Parks Committee – 1) Working with the Facilities Committee to change fund raising date to coincide with the Music on the Green event, 2) proposed scheduling of a Town Hall Meeting on West Park development.
  • 4.f – General Manger Report – Comprehensive report summarizing Association activities (see April 17th Post for discussion on the content and availability of this document).

Old Business

  • 6.a – Legal Update – 1) Regarding the “Northgate” owners litigation a status hearing with remaining plaintiffs was held on April 10th. Plaintiffs indicated readiness to move forward, SOA counsel wanted additional time for Discovery (given the years this litigation has been ongoing, how much more Discovery is warranted?), trial date scheduled for November 19th 2018, 2) SOA Rockery Wall Law suit amended to substitute true names for the John Does, involved parties are attempting to schedule mediation in June 2018.
  • 6.b – Rockery Wall & Landslide Repair Update – 1) All major project repairs completed on budget, 2) landscape repairs still remain in some areas, 3) at the SGCC Hole 5 fairway, the access road has been removed, areas re-graded and the damaged golf cart path replaced, this done in coordination with the SGCC (what about coordination on the SGCC paying for their share of the cost?).
  • 6.c – TCTC Pool Redesign Update – 1) Design finalized, 2) bid package and plans to be sent to vendors by April 25th with bids scheduled for review at May BOD Meeting, 3) construction to start in Fall 2018.
  • 6.d – SGCC Proposed method for Billing Electricity for Canyon9 – Involves controversy over shared electricity costs between the SGCC and the SOA for Canyon9 water pump operation, more investigation required.
  • 6.e – Monument Sign Repair Update – The “Dell Webb at” signage has been removed from the Sierra Canyon West Portal monument, awaiting proposals for additional repairs.

New Business

  • 7.a – Unanimous Written Consent, Somersett Development Lawsuit – Approves continuing the law suit (see previous post of April 22nd entitled “Rockery Wall Litigation Info” for details and comments on this item, believe the BOD has overstepped their bounds here)
  • 7.b – Blinds for TCTC Kids Room – Evaluation/approval of proposal from Budget Blinds.
  • 7.c – Revised Expense Policy – Increases the amount on which bids are generally required for reserve projects from $10,000 to $12,000.
  • 7.d – Slurry Seal Streets & Asphalt Trails (Sealed Bids) – Includes detailed bid solicitation document, area identification and a total project funding estimate of $422K, which is $47K below the 2018 reserve for asphalt repairs.
  • 7.e – Gypsy Hill Rockery Hill Monitoring Proposal – Evaluation/approval of proposal from CFA for monitoring of the three tiered rockery wall on Gypsy Hill Trail for safety considerations.
  • 7.f – Entry Shelf Cleaning Proposal – Evaluation/approval of proposal from Environmental Protection Services for the lower Somersett Parkway shelf cleanup.
  • 7.g – Canyon 9 Upper and Lower Pond Proposal – 1) Lower pond cleanup complete, 2) evaluation/approval of proposal from Soil Tech for hydro seeding the disturbed upper and lower pond areas after cleanup.
  • 7.h – Drainage Map Evaluation Proposal – Proposed proposal for review of Common Area drainage channels, update of a drainage condition spreadsheet and preparation of a drainage map illustrating all drainage channel locations.
  • 7.i – Sales Price on 2225 Pepperwood Ct. – Discussion on lowering the sales price from $85,00 to $79,900 for the SOA owned lot at 2225 Pepperwood Ct. (see previous post of April 15th entitled “April 25th SOA Board Meeting” for details regarding this property).
  • 7.j – Discussion on Basketball Hoop Enforcement – Most likely directed to the use of basketball equipment located on Somersett residential property and related violations.

Got any concerns/comment on SOA issues, agenda related or otherwise? Attend the BOD Meeting and express them!