SNPAA Wine and Roses Gala

The following posted in support of the Sierra Nevada Performing Arts Association (SNPAA), a non-profit organization established to support performing arts schools in Northern Nevada and to provide scholarships to local talented students. To order tickets to the exciting May 12th Wine and Roses Gala go to their website at and click on the “Event Information” link.


3 thoughts on “SNPAA Wine and Roses Gala

  1. Attn: Somersett United

    Could someone please help me better understand Somersett United, postings? Let’s use this posting about the “Wine And Rose Gala”, as an example. Where is the name of the person submitting this advisement, and is it appropriate for this site? Are there guidelines governing such use?

    I’ve often wondered who the person(s) are who author this column concerning other subjects germane to Somersett residents…that don’t identify themselves. Are they operating in an official capacity?

    My only other source of comparison is “Somersett Neighbors” which requires full disclosure, and accountability. While on the subject; who is the actual Person that I am addressing right now? Thank you for your help! Ron Ramlow


    1. Ron.
      Somersett United is a privately administered blog site with no official capacity as regards any affiliation with the Somersett Owners Association or the Sierra Canyon Owners Association. Like all individual blog sites, whatever is appropriate for this site is whatever is determined by the website administrator and editor to be appropriate. Yes, the site has guidelines, suggest you visit the “About” tab for such. Also, although some of our readers, who often do not like what is posted, often complain about “anonymous” postings or comments, we respect that some contributors may wish to remain so for personal or retaliation concerns. As regards responsibility for postings under the “SU” banner the webmaster and editor of this website (Jim Haar) is and has been clearly identified on the “About” page. Be assured that all comments are welcome, pro or con to any SU post. Only those that violate our very liberal screening are rejected. Over the 6+ years of this websites existence the number of rejections can be counted on one hand, these for foul language or personal attacks. Also, please do not compare this website to “Somersett Neighbors”, our purpose is entirely different, again please refer to the “About” page.

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