Dark Skies or Not?

Submitted by Joe Bower, Sierra Canyon Homeowner

Exterior lighting has reached the point of sad ridiculousness. The photo is of trees at the Sierra Canyon Aspen Lodge.

And owners have to follow association Lighting Rules!!! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Only Scrooge would object to colored lights during year-end holidays. But bright white lights the rest of the year would make him jump off the Brooklyn Bridge.

Sierra Canyon is a dark sky community per the PUD that created the community. The Lighting Rules that owners must follow support this concept.

When the Lodge tree lights are on, the unique opportunity for owners to sit outside and enjoy the open and dark skies is destroyed. In addition, unwanted light penetrating house windows that face the Lodge causes dining, entertainment, and sleep disruptions. Homes will have decreased values when attempts to sell them are being made.

All this on top of motorist distraction when driving by. Safety is the Number One concern of Sierra Canyon and Somersett.