Only Ten Days Left to Submit your BOD Candidate Form

The deadline for submitting Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Director (BOD) Candidate Forms is September 30th. As previously reported, the BOD positions currently held by Tom Fitzgerald (President), Ryan Burns (Treasurer) and Steve Guderian (Secretary) are up for election this year. Indications are that Mr. Guderian (recently appointed to fill a vacated Sierra Canyon Board position) and Mr. Burns will not be seeking re-election. To date, the SOA has received Candidate Forms and Statements from four Association Members. Since there are three open positions, this does not leave a lot of Candidates to choose from. Therefore, If you feel qualified and have a desire to serve your community, you are encouraged to “throw your hat in the ring” and submit your Board Candidate Form and Statement.

Candidate Forms are available on the SOA website under the “Seeking Candidates for Open SOA Board Positions” News posting. A copy may also be downloaded via the following link:

SOA 2018 BOD Candidate Form

Names of Candidates will not be made public by the SOA prior to the September 30th deadline. Election Ballots along with the Candidate Form and optional Candidate Statements will be mailed to all Association Members by October 15th.  A “Meet the Candidate” night(s) will be scheduled shortly after the ballot mailings. This to allow Association Members to meet the Candidates, listen to their responses on fixed questions (prepared by the Communication Committee) and ask questions of their own.

Candidates wishing to announce and publish any document supporting their candidacy on this website may do so via email to

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