September 26th SOA Board Meeting

The Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Directors (BOD) open meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 26th at 5:30 PM at The Club at Town Center (TCTC) Sports Court. The Meeting Agenda may be accessed by clicking on the following link:

September 26th BOD Meeting Agenda

The BOD Meeting Packet, which contain details pertaining to many of the Agenda toics is now available on the SOA website ( ) under the SOA/Committees & Meetings tab (Member Loigin required).

New Business items on the Agenda which contain back-up material within the BOD Meeting Packet referenced above include the following:

Item 7.a  –  Evaluation of proposals for ”Various Common Area Hillside/Drainage Repairs” from Signature Landscapes ($34.632), Environmental Protection Services ($47,746) and Nevada Environmental Consulting ($36,100). Areas affected are along Roanoak Trail, Oak Hollow Trail and Scott Valley Road. The BOD Meeting Packet contains a complete description of locations and work to be performed.

Item 7.b  –  Opening of Bids for the “Winter Peace Ct. Hillside Stabilization” project. The BOD Meeting packet contains a  complete description of locations and work to be performed.

Item 7.c  –  Evaluation of a “CFA Proposal for Rockery Wall Settlement Monitoring at Second Round-About” proposal. Proposal amount includes $2,100 for setup and initial observation and $750 for each subsequent observation. (Comment: The detour sign for the walking path adjacent to the Rockery Wall does not advise reason for the detour, maybe stating this would defer walkers from ignoring it!)

Item 7.d  –  Review of a “West Park Plans” document, which contains comments from the SOA Aesthetic Guidelines Committee (AGC) on the City of Reno West Park Plans for Fencing, Lighting, BBQ Grills, Garden Shed, Restroom, Landscaping, Irrigation, Drainage and Miscellaneous features.  Somersett Parks Advisory Committee comments also included. (Question: Given that the West Park Property is not part of the SOA Common Area, but owned by the City of Reno and open to all Reno residents, why is the SOA AGC involved it its plans? If incorporated, will the AGC comments increase cost?)

Item 7.e  –  Evaluation of a “Tree Planting Proposal” from Reno Green ($21,250) for the planting of 50 trees along the Somersett Parkway.

Item 7.f  –  A “Discussion on SCA & SOA ARC Authority”, regarding a letter from the Sierra Canyon Association (SCA) to the SOA, which states the SCA intent to resume the SCA Architectural Committee’s responsibilities as outlined in a SCA memorandum dated June 14, 2018 (also included in the BOD Packet). In the SCA letter to the SOA, SCA agrees to the following:

  • An architectural committee application fee will not be charged by the SCA
  • All structural work and work requiring permitting will be reviewed by ARC and final approval will remain with the SOA.
  • SCA will be responsible for all applications reviewed and approved under their jurisdiction

Item 7.g  –  “Revised TCTC Rules and Regulations”. Proposed revisions for discussion and approval. Proposed changes include: A complete deletion of the Teen Center Rules provisions section; Permitting use of water only on the Sports Court (i.e., no other food or drink allowed); A designated swim diaper requirement for children not bathroom dependent; Restriction on use of toys/inflatables in the pool: and a Revised Alcohol Policy (a hot contention with many Association Members), which states the following:

Outside alcohol, beer and wine, will only be permitted inside of TCTC. No outside alcohol will be permitted on any outside space of TCTC including the pool and golf course.

Residents may be permitted to bring outside alcohol (beer and wine only) subject to the following conditions:

  1. It must be a TCTC sponsored event that is on the calendar and scheduled accordingly. Private events cannot have outside alcohol.
  2. There must be a staff bartender present. Alcohol must be checked in with the bartender at the time of arrival. The bartender must open and pour all beer and wine.
  3. There will be a $1.00 corkage fee for each container of wine and beer (for wine, nothing larger than 750 milliliters per container and for beer, 1-6 cans, nothing larger than 32 ounces. (Comment: seems inappropriate and insulting to charge a nominal fee to those who choose to bring their own booze!)
  4. Beer and Wine only.
  5. Management reserves the right to ask for a valid ID for age verification and to refuse service if we feel sobriety is at risk.
  6. Residents must follow all conditions and respect staff at all times. Question: is this provision really necessary?

Item 7.h  –  Review and approval of a “Revised Facilities Charter”, which adds responsibilities regarding other SOA Amenities to the Facilities Charter.

Items 7.i & 7.j  –  Review of the current SOA “Assessment Collection Policy and Compliance Policy”.

Owners who have an interest in any of the preceding agenda topics should plan on attending the meeting and making your comments known. As usual, homeowner comments on any of the Agenda topics are accepted at the beginning of the meeting prior to their discussion by the Board. Homeowners who wish to comment on any other topic are permitted to do so at the end of the meeting.