September 25th SOA BOD Meeting Recap

A recap of the New Business items discussed and/or approved at the September BOD Meeting follows:

Note: See previous post of September 22nd for meeting agenda topics and associated details

Item 7. – BOD approved acceptance of Signature Landscape’s proposal of $32,632 for hillside & drainage repairs along Roanoak Trail, Oak Hollow Trail and Scott Valley Road. Repair work involves minor soil excavation and installation of rock and straw waddle.

Iten 7.b – Opened bids from Granite Construction ($262,262) and Gradex Construction ($123,123) for Winter Peace Ct. hillside stabilization repairs. Work consists of grading activity and installation of rock and straw waddle. Contract was awarded to Gradex Construction.

Item 7.c – Approved CFA proposal for Rockery Wall settlement monitoring at the Somersett Parkway second round-about. Proposal amount includes $2,100 for setup and initial observation and $750 for each subsequent observation. Observations to be conducted on a once per month basis with a limit of ten observations. (Hopefully results will result in the re-opening of the walkway adjacent to the Rockery Wall)

Item 7.d – Discussion on miscellaneous plans for the Somersett West Park arising from SOA Park & AGC Comittees and City of Reno comments. Most of the discussion centered on fencing and BBQ considerations. No decisions or approvals ensued, only that further discussions between the parties be held and comments resolved before coming back to the Board.

Item 7.e – Approved Reno Green proposal of $21,250 for installation of 50 trees along the Somersett Parkway.

Item 7.f – A proposed agreement between the SOA AGC and the SCA ARC was defeated on a 3-2 vote. The proposed agreement woud have established some guidelines and responsibilities between the two architectural committees. Director Roland expressed the opinion that acceptance woud be in violation of the SOA CC&R’s. Futher negotiations between the SOA and SCA required.

Item 7.g – The revised TCTC Rules and Regulations were reviewed and approved. Major changes involve pool safety issues, clarification of TCTC alchol policy and elimination of Teen Center (no longer applicable) related rules.

Item 7.h – The revised Facilities Charter was approved. Major change was addition of some common area amenity responsibilities to the Charter.

Items 7.i & 7.j – SOA Collection and Compliance Policies were reviewed and approved. No apparent changes from current Policies in effect.

Item 7.k – A homeowner request to plant a tree in the common area adjacent to their home (i.e. by and at expense of homeowner) was denied, primarily due to liability concerns.