SOA BOD Candidates & Candidate Night

All Somersett Owners will soon be in receipt of mailed Ballots for the Somersett Owners Association (SOA) 2018 Board of Director (BOD) elections. Three two-year Director positions are open with four declared candidates. In addition to the actual Ballots, the Ballot package will also contain Candidate Statements for each of the four, which may also be accessed via the following links:

Of the four Candidates, only Mr. Fitzgerald is a current BOD member seeking re-election. For the past two years, Mr. Fitzgerald has served as the SOA BOD President, and therefore has an established track record and continuity on ongoing SOA issues to his credit.

While the Candidate Statements provide some insight as to candidate qualifications, they should not provide the sole basis for deciding who to vote for. Therefore, talk to others in the community for their knowledge and opinions, but perhaps more importantly, plan to attend Candidate Night (currently scheduled for Wednesday October 24th from 6-8 PM at the Sierra Canyon Aspen Lodge) where a moderated Q&A session will be held. If past practices hold, specific questions regarding qualifications and community issues will be asked of each candidate. Given time constraints, Somersett owners will also be given the opportunity to ask questions of individual or all candidates.

Some of the more important issues facing the Somersett community in 2019 include: Rockery Wall Repairs, Wildfire Fuel Reduction, West Park Plans, Aging Infrastructure and Lawsuits against the Somersett Developer and the Somersett Golf & Country Club (SGCC). With regard the SGCC, it should be noted that candidates Retter and Strout (the SGCC Treasurer & BOD Member) are SGCC members, and therefore, potential conflicts of interest may arise over the ongoing SGCC Purchase & Lease Agreement issues with the SOA.

Candidates wishing to post a statement on their behalf are welcome to do so, just email it to:

Comments from readers on any or all of the candidates are also solicited.

2 thoughts on “SOA BOD Candidates & Candidate Night

  1. So …… am I correct that 2 of the 4 Board members and/or candidates are members of the SGCC? Do we know for certain that the others are not? I just received a lot of vitriol on Somersett’s FB page for asking about which candidates, and/or current Board members are members of SGCC. Sounded to me like they really didn’t want me to know about the candidates connection to SGCC. THAT’S troublesome.

    Might want to review that discussion thread to see what they are saying about whether SGCC is responsible for a portion of the wall failure repairs.

    Thanks for keeping us informed.

    1. Two of the three candidates for the open BOD positions are SGCC members. That is, Terril Retter and Joseph Stroud. Tom Fitzgerald is not. Neither are the two Directors not up for re-election. Thai is, Jason Roland and Frank Leto. The SOA’s position is that the SGCC’s liability for Rockery Wall failures on their leased property is about $680K.

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