SOA BOD Candidate Night Video

For those owners who did not attend the “Meet the BOD Candidates” meeting held on October 24th (the vast majority of you), a video of the meeting is now available on the SOA website’s home page ( under the “Meet the 2018 Board Candidates” News Article. Access to the video will also be included within the next Somersett email Newsletter.

For those who do not have log-in access to the SOA website or who are not on the SOA Newsletter email distribution, you are encouraged to do so by contacting the FSR Communications Coordinator Robin Bolson via email at or telephone at 775-787-4500 x324.

The video may also be accessed by clicking on the following link:

The video is approximately 1 hr 51 min in duration and presents the Candidates opening and closing statements, Communication Committee prepared questions asked of each Candidate and Homeowner questions at the end.

Communication Committee questions addressed the following topics: 1) Time available to devote to the position, 2) Outside influences and/or conflicts of interest, 3) Familiarity with SOA communication media, 4) Individual priorities, 5) SOA Committee participation, 6) Purpose for candidacy and qualifications, 7) Familiarity with SOA’s governing documents, 8) Sub-association relationships, 9) Rockery Wall failure actions past & future, 10) Roll of the Aesthetic Guidelines Committee and 11) Somersett Golf & Country Club (SGCC) relationship.

Homeowner questions pertained to: 1) Special Assessment and reserve funding, 2) Financial and benefit inequities between the SOA and Sierra Canyon, 3) Limitation on assessments, 4) Capital Improvements moving forward, 5) SGCC Lease Agreement liabilities and 6) Willingness to apply future SOA assessment funds to underwrite SGSS financial problems.

No attempt is made to summarize candidate responses to the preceding questions, rather the reader is referred to the video itself.