SOA BOD Election Results

Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board Election ballots (about 900 total representing 30 % of the Somersett Community) were counted at the Annual SOA Homeowner Meeting on Monday, November 19th. Four candidates were running for the three open positions, with the following vote count results:

  • Terry Retter – 784
    Joe Strout – 724
    Tom Fitzgerald – 601
    Bryan Martin – 518

Congratulations to Tom Fitzgerald, Terry Retter and Joe Strout on their election. Also, to Bryan Martin, a new addition to the Somersett community, for his interest in serving.

The new Board met subsequent to the election and selected the following to serve as Officers:

  • President:  Tom Fitzgerald (continues to serve as President)
  • Secretary:  Terry Retter (replaces outgoing Secretary Steve Guderian, who now serves on the Sierra Canyon Board)
  • Treasurer:  Joe Strout (replaces outgoing Treasurer Ryan Burns)
  • Vice President:  Jason Roland (incumbent continuing to serve as VP)
  • Vice President:  Frank Leto (incumbent continuing to serve as VP)

New Board members Retter and Strout are also Country Club members, with Strout currently serving as the Country Club Treasurer. This in itself is not an issue. However, given the SOA’s ongoing disputes with the Country Club over Rockery Wall and Water Rights liabilities, could a potential conflict of interest arise here?

The first open Board meeting for the new Board is scheduled for December 12th, 5:30 PM at The Club at Town Center. Please plan to attend.

Note:  The Board election results were also announced (along with other SOA News & Events) via the SOA’s “SOMERSETT HAPPENINGS” email distribution list.  If you are not currently receiving these emails, suggest you contact the SOA Communications Coordinator, Robin Bolson, at or 775-787-4500 x324 to sign up.

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