SU Blog Postings & Comments

Just a reminder to all our readers, that you are welcome not only to comment on Somersett United postings, but if desired, to submit your own articles for posting as well. We only ask that you adhere to the requirements as outlined under the “About” tab on this website, which, along with the commenting process, is repeated below. Please note the difference between a “post” and a “comment”.

Somersett Association Members who wish to submit an article for Posting may do so by emailing it to Submitted Posts should not be longer than 400 words (flexible), in good taste and without engaging in personal attacks or use of profane language. Articles submitted for Posting must contain a Title and the name of the Author. Article content should be limited to issues pertaining to Somersett community affairs.

Reader comments on Blog Posts are also solicited. To leave a comment, simply click on the “leave a comment” or “comment” link at the end of each Post, fill out the “leave a reply” box and submit. All comments are subject to moderation before posting. That is, only to insure no libelous or profane content, if so, the commenter will be notified and asked to reword and resubmit. Commenters names are preferred. However, if confidentiality is desired for any reason, anonymous or pseudonyms may be used.

No Personal or business advertisements will be entertained either in posting or commenting. Adds for non-profit events may be considered.

Happy Posting!


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