February 6th BOD Meeting Recap

The Somerrsett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Directors (BOD) reconvened on February 6th for the sole purpose of evaluating vendor bids for the following services:

1.  Common Area Landscape Maintenance

Three vendor bids were received: Reno Green (the current vendor) at $1,361,430; Signature Landscapes at $1,376,874; and BrightView at $1,440,868. The BOD unanimously approved acceptance of the BrightView proposal. Although BrightView was not the low bid, when considering other cost factors and inhouse expertise, the SOA Staff recommended their acceptance. Contract is for 18 months with a 12 month renewal option. Services include: turf care & disease control, tree care, snow removal, Canyon9 Golf Course maintenance, irrigation system repairs and dedicated on-site management.

The selection of BrightView was an interesting choice. BrightView is one of the nation’s largest landscape companies with a very diverse portfolio and numerous locations throughout the US. Apparently, they have just recently extended their market into the Reno area. For those interested in finding out more about BrightView, suggest visiting their website at www.brightview.com.

2. Drainage Ditch Repair and Maintenance

Project involves the removal of debris, vegetation, shrubs, trees, etc. from numerous drainage ways and structures at various locations within the Somersett community.

Two vendor bids were received: Signature Landscapes at $37,583 and Nevada Environmental at $51,500. Staff evaluation was that both were equally qualified. The BOD voted unanimously to accept the Signature Landscapes bid.

3. Irrigation Mainline Replacement

This project calls for he replacement of a failed six inch main irrigation pipeline under the Somersett Parkway near the Ridgefield Trail intersection. The existing pipeline will be abandoned in place and replaced with a new mainline running parallet to the Parkway and under Ridgefield Trail.

Three vendor bids were received: BrightView at $120,981; Arizona Pipeline Company at $73,500 and FMC (?) at $58,707. The SOA Staff advised that both Arizona Pipeline and FMC were equally qualified and reommended acceptance of the FMC bid, which was unanimoisly approved by the BOD.  The BrightView bid was dismissed with a comment that this type of work was really not within their normal scope of services.

7 thoughts on “February 6th BOD Meeting Recap

  1. Interesting. As most everyone in Sierra Canyon knows, Somersett is responsible for the landscaping of the center dividers and curb sides of the parkways within SC. Was Reno Green, but now will be BrightView. Correct me if I am wrong SC’ers, but as far as I know RG does the rest of the landscaping in SC. So two landscape contractors “in” SC.

  2. Should have added this to my prior comment.

    Regarding Drainage Ditch Repair and Maintenance “within the Somersett community” does that include or exclude Sierra Canyon? I think excludes as a separate sub-association solely responsible for everything in it other than the above mentioned parkway landscaping which is done via a recorded agreement. Plus Somersett is responsible for the trails (themselves, i.e. asphalt and cement) in SC as they are part of the Somersett trail system with SC responsible for the adjacent landscaping.

    I would like to see future posts to this site indicate whether SC is “in or out” of whatever the topic is.

    Thank you.

    1. Joe – From the Somersett Drainage Map contained within the RFP, the only drainage way identified within Sierra Canyon is along Del Webb Parkway. However, this one was not included in the RFP for maintenance work, as was the case for most others within Somersett. That is, only those presently requiring maintenance.

      1. Yes, the stepsister is usually left out and probably should be in most instances. However, phrases like “within the Somersett community” need to be more clearly elaborated as Sierra Canyon is a permanent part of the “Somersett community.” Also, in this case, possibly including the map would have been helpful. Thank you.

  3. Gee, for a guy who is known to be organized and detail minded, I am failing to today.

    Just looked at the BrightView site and noticed one their projects is Aspen Lodge Recreation Center. That is not the same one as the recreation center named Aspen Lodge in Sierra Canyon.

  4. Jim, FMC makes farm equipment. The winning bidder is SNC. I’m sure many residents have seen their trucks around Northern Nevada. They are a larger construction company.

    1. Hopefully SNC can get the job done. Mainline leaks have been ongoing since the initial installation (2004 or before??) of the mainline. The attempts to repair them have been done over and over and over again by the landscape contractors (Moana, National, Groundskeeper, and Reno Green) for the Somersett Owners Association with billings after billings paid by association members, including a lawsuit against Moana. Association members deserve an explanation of the long history of failures to stop the leaks and associated costs, along with why it has taken so long for any board to bring in a more suitable company for the work required.

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