Future of the SCA Opinion Poll

With all the ongoing dialog as to the future relationship between the Somersett Owners Association (SOA) and the Sierra Canyon Association (SCA), three options have been bantered about: 1) For the SCA to “secede” from the SOA master association and form an independent HOA, 2) Dissolve the SCA and merge into the SOA (one governing Board), and 3) Leave the SOA/SCA  Master/Sub-Association structure as is and work out differences.  Hard to tell where the majority of  sentiments lie, both within and without Sierra Canyon. Perhaps a reader poll could shed some light on the issue.  Therefore, we are asking all our Somersett Community readers to participate in the following poll:

Note that two identical polls are included, one for Sierra Canyon Owners and one for the Balance of Somersett Owners.  Please vote appropriately.