The following observation submitted by Joe Bower, Sierra Canyon Homeowner

Over the last few years three board members have suddenly left the SC Board shortly after being elected/appointed to it.

The first stood up from the board table during an open session meeting and in front of owners in attendance verbally announced their resignation to the the other board members and subsequently moved out of the community. The second announced their departure while attending a closed session of the board, however still lives in the community. The third resigned and moved out.

Strange goings on!

SU Note: Emotions appear to be at a high level regarding some Sierra Canyon Association issues.  Whereas it is SU’s policy to publish all comments pro and con, civil dialog is always encouraged in replies to postings or comments by others.



  1. To be honest don’t know why anyone would want that job outside from being scrutinized and having to answer for any decisions being made or new rules being put into place it takes a very dedicated individual to handle that stress related job. Not so sure that moving out of the Somersett Community has not something to do with the recently announced Assessments considering all the Stone Walls we have in Somersett we can expect that in the future there will be more Assessments coming down the pipe. Personally I have heard comments from people that are on a fixed income that they are seriously thinking about moving out of Somersett because of it I can honestly say that I don’t blame them.


    1. Joe,
      You are so right, there are some strange goings on with all of this.
      Since you brought this up I am sure that you were there for the walk out and know all of the facts for the other two. Please let us know all of the factual circumstances of all of these matters. If you need any help please let me know.

  2. I’m out. The House of Lords (board members) knows more about this than I or any other commoners (owners). Yes, Steve, I know we all are owners, but you get what I mean.

    PS Steve, Why not identify yourself as SC Board President when you post? I suspect you will be doing a lot of posting on this blog (which is good) and readers ought to know who you are and where your views/experiences are coming from. Also, as oft mentioned, when you cite NRS or CC&R’s or Bylaws or Rules or Guidelines, etc., please put section numbers and/or page numbers so owners can read for themselves what is being talked about. Oh yes, the PUD I referenced in other comments on this blog consists of two recorded documents #3738238 and #3738239 – a couple of hundred pages of fun reading. Thanks for considering.

  3. Joe, I am a home owner first and a board member second. When I speak as a board member I will identify myself to the community. I will also let them know that a single board member Cannot speak for the whole board

  4. It is a good idea for board members to indicate something after their name to indicate “where” they are speaking from. For example:

    Mary Clark – SC board president

    Mary Clark – SC homeowner

    If left unsaid, then it is up to the reader to make the determination and they might not always be right.

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