February 27th SOA Board Meeting

The Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Directors (BOD) open meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 27th, 2019 at 5:30 PM at The Club at Town Center (TCTC) Sports Court. The Meeting Agenda may be accessed by clicking on the following link:

February 27th BOD Meeting Agenda

Note that Agenda items are sparse with no New Business items to be discussed. However, based on past practice, an updated agenda may be in the offing between now and the Boaed Meeting. Also, the BOD Meeting Packet, which contains details associated with Agenda items was not available at the time of this posting. This posting will be updated if a new Agenda is released and/or the BOD Meeting packet is made available.

Regarding the Old Business items on the Agenda:

  • 6.a  Legal Update – It is not anticipated that any update on the Rockery Wall Lawsuit will be discussed, as no new Court Dockett entries have been posted since the previous update.
  • 6.b  Committee Charters, Proposed Change(s) – The Board approved changes to all SOA Committee Charters (Aesthetic Guidelines, Community Standards, Finance & Budget, Facilities & Communication) at the January BOD Meeting. However, the revised Charters have not yet appeared on the SOA Website. Perhaps some reconsiderations here? Especially with regard with the Aesthetic Guidelines Committee wherein the membership was reduced from seven members (two Board Members, one Civil Engineer, one Landscape Designer, one Architect, one Construction Manager & one SOA Unit Owner) to five members (two Board Members, one Civil Engineer, one Landscape Designer & one Architect). The elimination of a SOA homeowner on the Committee was not without controversy.
  • 6.c  Rockery Wall Update – Speaks for itself, probably with regard to the Gypsy Hill work progress and the Roundabout 2 wall monitoring.

At the urging of the Sierra Canyon Board, the December and January SOA Board Meetings were well attended by Sierra Canyon owners intent on expressing their displeasure with some of the SOA’s policies and practices, good for them as this is what Board meetings should encompass. However, we all know that disenters are more vocal than those who have no axe to grind. Perhaps those who support SOA policies and decisions should also speak up, as any homeowner has the right to speak their piece (three minute limit) on any subject following conclusion of agenda items.

2 thoughts on “February 27th SOA Board Meeting

  1. The elimination of a SOA homeowner on the Committee was not without controversy. This is not true. Letters were written to the board and comments were given at the board meeting. Here is a copy Mike and I sent to the board. Dear SOA Board January 22 2019

    I know you are looking at many charter changes to the many committee (advisory groups) working with the SOA. I think it is a good idea to review these however; with three new board members and all the rock wall issues, special assessments, general day to day activities in running this SOA I really wonder how much can they really handle and how much understanding they have of what changes need to occur? I bring this up because of the potential changes to the AGC charter specifically the removal of the Homeowner’s position.
    Mike and I moved here in 2010. At that time the AGC was a closed group with only “paid” professional positions. We started the dialogue in 2012 to have a Homeowner added and had many discussions with the SOA management and board to see if a Homeowner could be placed on the committee. We were turned down many times. We were told there were basically no rules in the bylaws or charter to prevent the addition of a Homeowner from being placed on this committee. Finally after much discussion we were able to have the charter changed to have Homeowner Representation. I still think this is a great idea and would like to offer these reasons.
    1. The homeowner position was added to create more ‘open-ness’ to the committee and further communications between the homeowners and committee.
    2. The homeowner position has signed a confidentiality agreement but questions of a general nature can be addressed if posed to the homeowner position
    3. The homeowner can convey sentiments and opinions expressed to them by homeowners … as committee members who reside in Somersett, they can offer a different viewpoint
    4. The homeowner as participant in discussions on AGC can also relay to other homeowners the background and application of the Guidelines by the Professional members on the committee
    5. The board members who are also residents/homeowners are on the committee serving a different function. They are there to function as board members NOT residents.

    I would hate to see this position taken away and the AGC go back to be a closed and secretive non-homeowner presence group. Also I have not been able to find any justification published as to why this is happening or what the basis of this change would be.

    I am writing this to you for your consideration to rethink the removal of our homeowner from this committee.


    Sharon Slattery

  2. While not a comment on the makeup of the committee itself, I would like to use this forum to state that while no owner has the right to attend an AGC meeting while the project(s) of another owner(s) is/are being discussed, all owners have the right to attend AGC meetings when other business is being discussed, e.g. revisions to Guidelines. For too long the AGC has been closed for anything and everything and that is not the way it should operate.

    I realize that is not practical to have on the same day/time a closed meeting for projects and then open it part way thru for interested owners to come in and listen/make comments about non-project business.

    That is why I have long recommended to board and staff that there be separate non-project meetings open to all owners when such business is to be conducted. This is no different than owners attending other committee meetings, e.g. Finance or Parks, or Communications, etc. Such meetings would enable input from those most affected and be perhaps a gentler approach rather than all of a sudden, bam these are the new Guidelines you must follow

    I hope others agree.

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