SCA Poll Results

The “Future of the SCA Poll” (see previous post of February 11th) is now closed. A total of 204 votes were cast with the following results:

Note: Be advised that this was an unofficial poll undertaken by this website to get a feel on where Somersett owners stood with regard to the controversy over organization of the adult Sierra Canyon Association (SCA) community, both within and without Sierra Canyon. Whereas, the poll has some built in protections over duplicate voting, it is not foolproof. Obviously, the poll results reflect only a small percentage of the Sommersett owner population. It is expected that the SCA Board will conduct a more comprehensive survey of all Sierra Canyon owners before embarking in any direction.

Sierra Canyon Owner Results                                                                # Votes      Percent

Secede from The SOA & form an independent association                72                 50
Maintain current relationship with SOA as a sub-association           42                 30
Dissolve the SCA & merge into the SOA                                                28                 20

Balance of SOA Owner Results                                                              # Votes        Percent

Secede from The SOA & form an independent association               22                35
Maintain current relationship with SOA as a sub-association          28                45
Dissolve the SCA & merge into the SOA                                                12                20

So where does the SCA go from here? Hopefully cooler heads will prevail with the SOA and SCA resolving their differences and maintaining the master/sub-association relationship, as the other two options are fraught with complexities and potential high legal fees.

5 thoughts on “SCA Poll Results

  1. 142 out of 1350 Sierra Canyon Units voted

    That is 10.5% of the residents … so specific annoyances/unhappiness by the members of the SOA Board and AGC, is not displayed by the bulk of the residents (nearly 90%).

    62 out of 2000 Somersett/The Village/The Vue/Gated Communities Units voted..

    That is 3%!!!

    Obviously folks in the rest of Somersett don’t seem bothered by the issues annoying SC residents. Perhaps it is a storm in a teacup!

    1. Geoffrey,

      I would suspect that a great deal more than 10% of the Sierra Canyon community is annoyed/unhappy with the goings on between the SOA and the SCA. The poll only reflects the opinions of those who access this website, which is certainly not a majority of SC residents.

      However, I would agree that most non-Sierra Canyon owners could care less about the issues annoying SC residents. A “storm in a teacup” perhaps, but you are showing your British heritage here, in American English it is a “tempest in a teapot”

      Respectively, Jim Haar

  2. This poll was meaningless.


    That is because Somersett was divided into six Villages when it was created by and between Blake Smith, the master developer, and City Planning and then subsequently approved by the City Council with one of those Villages (Village 5) designated to contain an active adult community (read the PUD). Having such a community, now SC, will remain in perpetuity as that was the intent of Mr. Smith and City Planing and City Council. It will never be changed!

    The six Villages are essentially Zones in which various developers build their projects. For example, Village Six is the Toll project above the fire station. Toll decided to make it gated, but not an association. Those owners will be forever grateful for that decision.

    Most importantly, there was nothing put in the PUD by Mr. Smith nor the City saying the required active adult community be set up as an association unto itself and as a sub-association within the master Somersett Association. That opens the door for SC to be dissolved.

    SC is a corporation and Nevada has procedures for dissolving corporations.

    The BIG QUESTION FOR SC IS: remain in Somersett as an incorporated entity with a sub-association or as an unincorporated entity without sub-association!!!

    Somersett should not care if SC dissolves. There will still be dues coming in from SC owners just as now. As the community builds out there will be more owners paying for the greater good of all, i.e. a slower rising amount paid by individual owners will be required; even though dues in all HOA’s nationwide go up over time.

    Yes, Somersett and SC can work out their inter-operational differences. However, if SC owners object to paying double dues, the only thing they can do is dissolve their association which leaves no second association to pay dues to. Only Somersett will be left.

    I may not live here long enough to see it, but I flatly predict that the SC association will cease to exist at some point in time. If enough smart people on both sides want to work on it “now” that will happen sooner rather than later. Otherwise SC owners should stop griping about paying double dues and get used to it.

    When SC owners pay dues to Somersett, the money goes into only one of three “accounting centers” which is called Common & Canyon Nine, the same as non-SC owners pay into. Non-SC owners also pay additional amounts into the other two accounting centers (TCTC and Gates) depending on how different builder projects were originally set up. ALL owners, including SC owners, will ALWAYS be paying into Common & Canyon Nine forever whether owning in a sub-association or not.

    The main items to be maintained by Common & Canyon 9 are all common landscaping (ex what is in subs), the Somersett Parkway pipeline irrigation system (leaking now and has been since first put in years ago- another special assessment coming??? ), and rockery walls outside of SC and the two other sub-associations which maintain their own common areas and which may or may not include rockery walls (see the Somersett Budget for what Common and Canyon 9 includes). So SC owners will be paying into Common & Canyon 9 forever whether or not SC is a sub-association.

    So double-dues payers get used to paying to Somersett no matter what. All you can do is figure out how to not pay dues to your own (sub) association.

    All this is similar to states entering the Union without or without slavery and multitudes of other problems, including states rights. Things were worked out then and they can be now.

    Do you know Texas is the only state that has the right to secede from the Union? Smart guys, Sam Houston and others, made sure that such a provision was put in the agreement when joining. SC should have had leaders like him at the beginning. But who knew when Pulte just thrust an association onto its developments, SC and The Vue in Somersett, (by habit, in my opinion) copying what is rightfully done in their stand-alone developments across the nation. And owning in a sub under Somersett is what SC/ Vue owners buy into when they close escrow. It’s called “buyer beware.”

    Bye everyone from me on this topic.

  3. SC is made up 1,212 owned lots.

    The only way to get owners to rise up off their duffs is to keep raising and keep raising dues and special assessments. As long as the pocketbook is deep enough owners will continue to blab, but do nothing.

    Those owners without deep pockets will move out. My educated guess is there are about 30 SC homes for sale right now in the winter period. Combined with about 60 sold in 2018 and about 7 pulled off the market for winter, 97 is 8% of the total with the warmer months selling season just around the corner.

    With board resignations and natural member turnover, i.e. one-term folks, plus home sales, SC percentages for negative events are getting higher and higher.

  4. If we “dissolve” Sierra Canyon and just be a part of Somersett, be aware that our clubhouse, tennis courts and so forth will be opened to EVERYONE within the Somersett organization. Do we really want kids running around our gym, track or clubhouse? Think long and hard about whether this would be a smart thing to do to save a few bucks.

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