Homeowner Comment Time

The following submitted by Joe Bower, SC Homeowner and SOA Member

At the February 13th SC board meeting, the board president announced, at the start of the meeting that the Homeowner Forum at the beginning of the meeting is limited to 30 minutes “per NRS.”

That was a false statement as there is nothing in NRS that says anything about a time limit of any length. Board officers need to know and speak facts and not opinions, nor make up stuff; and they should cite section numbers, article numbers, or even page numbers for the documents they are referencing so owners may read for themselves exactly what the document says.

Boards can set reasonable speaking time limits for owners and by practice that has been three minutes. There is no reason that number can’t be raised or lowered depending on how many owners wish to speak, unless the number of allowed minutes is written in a governing document, which it should be. However, whatever the number is declared to be for a given meeting then each owner wanting to speak is entitled to that much time no matter how long it takes for all them to have their say.

Perhaps the 30 minute limit was announced because there were a lot of supporters present who wanted to say something on a controversial issue and the Board wanted to limit total owner discussion time, thereby cutting off unsaid comments. That would be unacceptable.

Joe Bower – SC Owner & Member SOA

2 thoughts on “Homeowner Comment Time

  1. Well said Joe. I don’t know about anyone else, but as for me, I’m sick and tired of people waiving the “NRS” statement as a method to force people to back off. The NRS regulations are writte by and paif for by the Real Estate Lobby. There’s a ton of information about it on the net. They have, and continue
    screwing over home owners who are part of the 3,000 plus HOA’s in Nevada. It’s very sad to see the SC BOD’s following suit.

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