February 27th BOD Meeting Update

The previously published Agenda for the February 27th SOA BOD meeting has been updated to include a few more items. The BOD Meeting Packet supporting the meeting is also now available on the SOA website at http://www.somersett.net via the SOA/Committees & Meetings tab. The revised Meeting Agenda may be accessed by clicking on the following link:

February 27th BOD Meeting Agenda – Revised

New items include the following (see previous post of February 18th for original item discussions):

Old Business:

  • 6.a  Committee Charters, Proposed Change(s) – At the January Board Meeting, the Board approved changes to all SOA Committees. However, it appears that some minor revisions to the approved AGC Charter have been proposed. The previously approved Charter called for the reduction of AGC members from seven to five (i.e., two Board Members, one Civil Engineer, one Landscape Designer & one Architect). Eliminated were the Construction Manager and Homeowner positions. Board members were identified as a “Primary” and an “Alternate”, one of which must be present for the AGC to hold a meeting. The revised version does not change the reduction in membership, but adds the clarification that Board members shall only vote in the case of a tie vote. (Note: no reference as to how this applies to the Primary and/or Alternate Board members if one or both are in attendance).
  • 6.d  Back Nine Speed Calming Devises – At the January BOD Meeting, the Board approved a motion from some Back Nine Trail owners for the installation of “Speed Calming Devices”. This based on the observation of speeding vehicles, which they believe to be a danger to pedestrians and children at play. Owners have volunteered to pay for installation themselves, but future maintenance would be paid for by the SOA. However, the Board subsequently met with some Back Nine Owners who are opposed to the idea, citing more community involvement should have been undertaken. Perhaps the Board is reconsidering its previous approval.
  • 6.e  8643 Gypsy Hill Common Area Planting Request/AGC Recommendation – At the January Board Meeting, the Board took under consideration a request by a Somersett Homeowner to plant eleven trees on SOA Common Area property adjacent to their property. Homeowner would pay for the trees , installation costs and irrigation cost via extension of drip lines from their property. The Board subsequently referred the request to the AGC for review and recommendation. The AGC has recommended turning down the request due to easement requirements and liability concerns.

New Business:

  • 7.a  Discussion of AGC Fee Reduction – The BOD Meeting Packet did not contain any discussion information regarding which, and how much, fee reductions are under consideration

One thought on “February 27th BOD Meeting Update

  1. What are the easement requirements? What is the potential liability?

    Main concern should be whether or not neighbor views will be blocked.

    There should be no fee for “simple stuff,” e.g. front security door, light tube on roof, painting house same color, etc. “Simple” needs to be defined and once done those kind of things can be approved by an ARC Coordinator and don’t even go to the AGC. Just stamp OK and put in the Lot File.

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