BrightView Landscaping

Starting this month, residents may notice a different logo (shown at left) on the uniforms and/or equipment of the landscape company performing work throughout the Somersett Community. BrightView was chosen over Signature Landscaping and Reno Green, whose bids were as follows: BrightView – $1,440,868: Signature – $1,376,874; and Reno Green – $1,361,430.  Although not the low bidder, the SOA Staff recommended BrightView with the following testimonial:

“Jim O’Connell, Project Manger for SOA, was present to provide a staff recommendation. He is confident in the recommendation that the Board vote in favor of awarding the landscape maintenance contract, as defined in the 2019 landscape maintenance RFP, to BrightView. This recommendation is based on the following: full understanding of the scope of work and a progressive strategy to minimize landscape deficiencies; a culture of partnering for successful results; planning for adequate staff quantity and experience; in-house irrigation experts, certified arborists, tree crews, snow removal, special project crews, and a golf course maintenance specialist; innovative technology; client credits for multi-year agreements. This contract is for 18 months and includes opt-out options based on performance. There is an additional one year renewal, if needed. Terry noted there were issues with local and national suppliers and the cost of additional work. Throughout the contract period, it would save SOA $200-$400 thousand dollars a year.”

Whereas BrightView is new to the Reno area, they are “the nation’s leading commercial landscape company” with a very impressive nation wide portfolio.  for our readers interested in finding out more about BrightView and its services, markets, portfolio, locations resources, etc., please visit their website at:     www.brightview,com