BrightView Landscaping

Starting this month, residents may notice a different logo (shown at left) on the uniforms and/or equipment of the landscape company performing work throughout the Somersett Community. BrightView was chosen over Signature Landscaping and Reno Green, whose bids were as follows: BrightView – $1,440,868: Signature – $1,376,874; and Reno Green – $1,361,430.  Although not the low bidder, the SOA Staff recommended BrightView with the following testimonial:

“Jim O’Connell, Project Manger for SOA, was present to provide a staff recommendation. He is confident in the recommendation that the Board vote in favor of awarding the landscape maintenance contract, as defined in the 2019 landscape maintenance RFP, to BrightView. This recommendation is based on the following: full understanding of the scope of work and a progressive strategy to minimize landscape deficiencies; a culture of partnering for successful results; planning for adequate staff quantity and experience; in-house irrigation experts, certified arborists, tree crews, snow removal, special project crews, and a golf course maintenance specialist; innovative technology; client credits for multi-year agreements. This contract is for 18 months and includes opt-out options based on performance. There is an additional one year renewal, if needed. Terry noted there were issues with local and national suppliers and the cost of additional work. Throughout the contract period, it would save SOA $200-$400 thousand dollars a year.”

Whereas BrightView is new to the Reno area, they are “the nation’s leading commercial landscape company” with a very impressive nation wide portfolio.  for our readers interested in finding out more about BrightView and its services, markets, portfolio, locations resources, etc., please visit their website at:     www.brightview,com

3 thoughts on “BrightView Landscaping

  1. Looking forward to BrightView doing Somersett common areas as well as what Somersett is responsible for in Stepsister SC, i.e. the center dividers and adjacent sides of the parkways (Somersett between Villages 1 and 3; Del Webb Parkway East; and Somersett Ridge).

    Wonder how long until SC changes out Reno Green for BrightView as after all SC copies Somersett on other services/contractors. Right now (effective March 1) SC is busy with its new management company, GrandManors, after deciding not to continue with the same management company as Somersett. Whoa, don’t tell me Somersett will one day copy SC and change its management company to match SC’s!

  2. If this company does what it promises to do, then the landscape along the parkways in Sierra Canyon should grow and prosper and look much better.During the last 3 years I have sent numerous emails to Mr.O’Connell regarding improper procedures use to prune shrubs and trees, insufficient water during the dry months, leaving bare spots after bushes have died, broken sprinklers, etc,etc.
    I will keep an eye on the new company and hope for the best.

  3. Yesterday I saw BrightView working on the tree wells along Somersett Parkway near Roundabout 2. Wonderful that they are finally receiving the attention that prior landscape contractors neglected.

    For ten plus years I have asked, and to no avail, Somersett to have the tree wells cleared on DWPEast. They are in sickening shape with overgrowth and wires and strings sticking up from the metal baskets and burlap bags that were not removed from the root balls prior to planting. This condition is rampant.

    Hopefully, BrightView gets to them soon as now is the best time for such work as the mow-blow-go season hasn’t started. However, with so much work to be done the length of “The Parkway” when will Stepsister SC tree wells get their long deserved attention? And don’t overlook the leaning center divider trees on Somersett Parkway between SC Villages 1 and 3.

    Also, I noticed BrightView trucks have a bumper sticker reading “Now Hiring.” If you were a let go Reno Green employee, where might you be working now??? The worker bees go from company to company. What counts is the supervision by professionals and oversight of those professionals by in-the-field out-from-the-desk association staff (since we don’t have a landscape committee). BTW even condo associations have landscape committees and we don’t!!!

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