Gypsy Hill Rockery Wall Repair

The $1.43M Gypsy Hill Rockery Wall Repair project has been underway now for about six weeks. As previously reported, the prime contractor for repairs is R. L. Wadsworth Construction at $1.28M. Supporting contractors are CME for shotcrete testing and inspection services at $64K, American Geotechnical for additional testing and inspection services at $53K, Padovan Consulting for project oversite services at $25K and Reno Green for landscape removal services at $8K. Project status as reported by Padovan Consulting at the February 27th BOD Meeting was as follows:

“ The Gypsy Hill wall repair started on January 21st. Prior to the project start Reno Green removed the landscape and irrigation from the wall benches. The contractor mobilized their equipment and has applied about 2/3 of the structural shotcrete to the wall. Weather has caused significant delays, but contractor has remained on-site and recently started drilling the tie-back anchors. Testing and inspection has been conducted by CME and American Geotech. Padovan Consulting has been communication with all parties and conducting site visits on a daily basis. Due to the irregular wall face the shotcrete quantities have been exceeding planned coverages ant there will be a change order for additional shotcrete. Padovan Consulting is checking daily shotcrete tickets and quantity closely.”

Note that the status report indicates a “change order” will be forthcoming because the amount of shotcrete (mortar mixture sprayed on the wall under high pressure) being used is exceeding planned coverages.  A change order usually refers to a modification (e.g., work scope addition) to the original contract, which does not appear to be the case here.  One would expect that the contractor would have adequately inspected the wall before submitting his bid.  Therefore, what will the change order pertain to, was the amount of shotcrete limited by the contract terms, do we have an estimated cost adder, and will it be significant?  Perhaps SOA Management Staff would care to comment?

For those who are not familiar with the job site, visit the following link:      Gypsy Hill Slope Stabilization Project Area

The following job site pictures illustrate progress (note tie-back anchor locations) as of March 3rd. The shotcrete walls are certainly not very attractive. However, once complete, a decorative layer will be applied to replicate a rockery wall appearance. It will be interesting to see how this will compare with the adjacent non-repaired rockery walls.