Reader Commenting

Having received a reader email questioning comment presentation on the SU website. The following is provided for our readers who may not be familiar with website comment structure and/or the process for submitting:


  1. Following all SU postings is a link that says “Leave a Comment” or “# Comments” The preceding appears when no comments on the post have been submitted. The later appears when one or more comments have been submitted.
  2. If a reader clicks on a “Leave a Comment” link, a LEAVE A REPLY section will appear with a text box for writing your comment along with email and name boxes (required), also two voluntary check boxes if the commenter wishes to receive new comments or postings via email.
  3. If a reader licks on a  “# Comments” link (say “4 Comments” as an example) all four previous comments will appear in chronological order, with a “Reply” link following each one. This is for replying to a comment and clicking on “Reply” will open up the same LEAVE A REPLY section described above.
  4. If a reader wishes to submit a comment on the post and not a previous comment, simply scroll down past all the previous comments to the LEAVE A REPLY section and proceed as described above.
  5. The comment process is completed when the commenter clicks on the POST COMMENT box within a LEAVE A REPLY section, wherein the following message should appear “Your comment is awaiting moderation. This is a preview, your comment will be visible after it has been approved.” Note: Comments are approved regardless of content except in the case of profane or libelous language or egregious personal attacks.
  6. Another option for commenting is via the “RECENT COMMENTS” section (right hand column) of the website. This section provides direct access to the most recent 15 comments, in chronological order, regardless of what post or comment it is in reply to. Clicking on one of these comments not only displays the comment, but also the post it is in reference to, plus all other comments on that post. The reply process on the displayed comments and/or the post is the same as previously described.

Hope this helps!

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