Sierra Canyon President Message

Following is a reprint of the March 8, 2019 Sierra Canyon Association President message to Sierra Canyon owners, which may be of interest to other Somersett Community owners.  Some editorial comments on the part of SU are included in red italic font.

“Sierra Canyon Presidents Message

The new board of directors is in place for Sierra Canyon and their first meeting will be Wednesday, March 13, 2019 at 3 pm. I hope that many of you can be there. There are two new faces on the board Dave DeLucia and Joe Lasby. Welcome!!! I am looking forward to working with Dave and Joe as we continue to move our Sierra Canyon Community forward. So here is your Sierra Canyon Board for the next year:

Yours truly, Steve Guderian, President
Chippy Flynn, Vice President
Joe Lasby, Treasurer
Loren Farell, Secretary
Alan Stroppini, Director
Tom Hedger, Director
David DeLucia, Director

The big news of the day is the changeover to the new management company, GrandManors. We are in our first week of the changeover so it is hard to judge how things are going. However, from what I have seen so far, things seem to be moving forward and going pretty well. I am sure that many of you have noticed that we were able to keep most of the office staff. Keeping our staff turned out to be quite a chore as FirstService Residential did everything they could to convince staff not to stay with Sierra Canyon. I am very proud of the staff that we have and I believe the fact that they are staying with us is not only a credit to them for wanting to stay here, but also a credit to our community. The fact that staff wants to continue to work together and with our community says a lot for, and about our community and who we are.”

SU Comment: Given that Sierra Canyon’s previous management company was the same as the SOA’s (i.e., FirstService Residential) it will be interesting to see how GrandManors works out for Sierra Canyon, if a significant improvement, then perhaps some future consideration for the SOA.

“As we move forward through the next year, there are a couple of areas I believe we need to gather information on and report back to the community. I think the biggest one is the Toll Brothers construction monstrosity. That thing is a mess and it is going to affect our community. Therefore, I believe that we need to learn as much, as we can, as well as stay on top of what is going on. I have asked Director Hedger to take on the task of pulling together information about Toll Brothers construction and reporting back to us.”

SU Comment:: A lot of Somersett owners, not just Sierra Canyon, have reservations about the Toll Brothers development. Hence, the February SOA BOD Meeting reference to a letter to be sent to all Somersett owners on this subject. Letter will apparently address compliance with regulatory requirements and the process to be followed by all parties involved (Including individual Somersett owners) who may have disputes/concerns with project compliance, inspections, defects, hillside stability, etc. Letter expected to be completed by mid-March and subsequently distributed by mail to all Somersett owners.

“At the SOA board meeting last week, community manager Tracy Carter told everybody that Toll Brothers wants a copy of audio from all of the SOA board meetings. Mr. Carter’s position is that Toll Brothers will be more responsive to issues that come up in the board meetings… Yea right, since when has a builder been concerned about the community? My position on this is that they want a copy of the audio so they can hear what is going on and then get out in front of anything and protect themselves.”

SU Comment: If Toll Brothers is an SOA lot owner and paying assessments on such, then they have a right to request audio tapes of the SOA BOD meetings. However, suggest if they are really concerned about community issues, that they attend in person.

“The other thing that came up at the SOA board meeting was a report on the condition of items which were turned over to the SOA by the 18-hole golf course, SGCC. Let me cut to the chase on this report: over the next 5 years $700,000.00 in maintenance and replacement costs. I believe that SGCC should pay the SOA community this $700,000 worth of cost because they were supposed to turn over items in good working order and repair. Here is the issue, the golf course does not have this kind of money, and they are, in essence, broke. So this means that we the SOA community members get to pay this $700K over the next 5 years. Hopefully, it will not be that much money and something will be worked out.”

SU Comment: There are also other issues with the Somersett Golf and Country Club. Stay tuned for a subsequent Blog article regarding the referenced report and additional issues.

Over the last few months Sierra Canyon homeowners have been showing up in force to the SOA meetings… We need to continue to do that. Sierra Canyon represents 40% of SOA, but we get 100% of the shaft. It has to come to a stop and we have to make sure we let SOA know that we are also a big part of the community and they need to treat us like part of the community and respect who we are; a solid, vibrant community of retirees.

SU Comment: Sierra Canyon owner participation at the recent BOD meetings is commendable, it would be nice if other SOA community owners would also take the time to attend (those with an axe to grind are always more vocal). However, it would appear that they do not have the same disagreements with the SOA Board as does Sierra Canyon. Sierra Canyon owners may have some valid complaints with SOA Board actions, but their past and present President’s rhetoric directed at the SOA Board would appear to be somewhat counter productive in establishing a good working relationship. One thing is clear, they are certainly putting the SOA Board on notice.

I have been working on a couple of different things to push back on SOA. We have to let them know that we will fight for what is right. Come to the SC board meeting this next Wednesday and hear about what I will have done by our next board meeting. I will also make sure that the golf course maintenance report, with costs, gets attached to the board packet.

We are a strong, vibrant community and I for one absolutely love everything about living here. Let’s work together to make it even better and stronger.”

Steve Guderian
Sierra Canyon President


5 thoughts on “Sierra Canyon President Message

  1. Toll Brothers still own a few properties/lots in the Boulders on which they are paying dues … so they have the right to listen… Plus the fact that once they build up in Village 6 (Gated) they will presumably pay dues on the model homes.

    It would be helpful if the SOA could update their map of the community to include the new road layout for Village 6.

    A topographical map showing elevations and proposed landscaping (irrigated, seeded and trees/shrubs) on the new slopes so carefully terraformed would be helpful. In spite of the rain the slopes (without vegetation) show minimal erosion. The gate is a new design to Somersett and looks really good and substantial.

    The views are fantastic!

    Toll Bros have a map of the 160+ new houses (and roads) to be built which could be easily used in the next Somersett Living.

    Before we complain, we should be properly informed so we know exactly what we are compaining about! (and why)

  2. If paying dues works the same for Toll at The Cliffs as it did for SC, then as soon as one Lot closes with a private owner, then Toll would pay dues on all remaining Lots. Last I checked there were 163 Lots with 11 sold.

    Pulte did it Village by Village (there are 15 in SC). For Villages with a lot of homes, they subdivided the Village into A, B, and C, for example made Village 10 into 10A, 10B, and 10C, thus paying on unsold lots in one third, then two thirds, and finally three thirds of the Village. Tricky.

    Don’t know, but Toll may not have divided its project. Who better to ask than a SOA board member, maybe Jason Roland. One thing I do know is Toll decided not to make The Cliffs a sub-association, thus sparing Cliffs owners from paying double dues like SC owners do (also The Vue and The Village).

  3. I am not sure, but I think the 11 Lots aren’t sold, but have a deposit on them. Sold may be when the house on the Lot closes. I’ll check.

    1. Nancy,

      Unless otherwise indicated, all editorial comments on the SU website are the product of the website editor, who is identified under the “About” tab

      Jim Haar SU Editor

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