SGCC & Canyon9 Water Supply System Report

At the February SOA Board meeting is was revealed that a report (prepared by Padovan Consulting, LLC) on the condition of Pump Station components supplying water to the Canyon9 and SGCC Irrigation Syctems had been completed. The report contained recommendions for both short and long-term repairs/maintenance of the Pump Station components along with associated cost estimates. The Board advised that a meeting with the SGCC is being scheduled to discuss the report and action plans. A copy of the report may be accessed via the following link: Canyon9 & SGCC Water Supply Infrastructure Review

To help understand the content of the report, the following diagram of the water supply system is provided:









The report identifies specific issues with Pump Station components and provides the following estimates for recommended short term and long term repair/replacement costs:

  • Truckee River Pump Station – $31K short term, $35K long term
  • Canyon9 Pump Station – $24K short term, $95K long term
  • SGCC Hole 5 Pump Station (Main) – $15K short term, $124K long term
  • Sierra Canyon Well 5 – $93K long term or $400K if a new drilled well is required.
  • Clubhouse Well – Nothing estimated short or long term

The report concludes with the following statement:

“This concludes the review of the various water supply pump systems and wells. Overall the system is at the age where costly upgrades will be needed in the 5 year time frame if the water supply system is to be managed responsibly. These costs could exceed present dy costs of $700,000 based on the above information. The information presented here is meant for planning purposes to better understand the overall condition of the water supply system and likely associated costs.”

What the report does not address is where the cost liabilities lie. Since the vast majority of the total water supply is for SGCC course irrigation, it is fair to assume that the majority of the maintenance, repair and replacement  costs would be the responsibility of the SGCC. This is further upheld by Exhibit D “Water Facilities Agreement” of 2014 SGCC Purchase Agreement. The Water Facilities Agreement basically states that during the 4 year warranty period following commencement of the Agreement, The SGCC was responsible for all maintenance, repair and associated costs for the entire water supply system. However, the warranty period expired in December 2018. After the warranty period, the Water Facilities Agreement establishes that maintenance and repair costs for the aforementioned Pump Stations will be the responsibility of the following:

  • Truckee River Pump Station – Shared between the SOA and the SGCC based on water usage.
  • Canyon9 Pump Station – Split between SOA for the Canyon9 irrigation system and SGCC for the SGCC Hole 5 Pond water supply system
  • SGCC Hole 5 Pump Station (Main) – SGCC
  • Well 5 and Clubhouse Well – SGCC

Given past experience with the SGCC living up (or perhaps not living up) to its responsibilities under the Purchase Agreement, it will be interesting to see how the discussions proceed.


2 thoughts on “SGCC & Canyon9 Water Supply System Report

    1. I absolutely agree. Turn the golf course from “Private” to “Semi-Private”. Turn it into a self supporting, profit generating organization. I’m sick and tired of being told that this “private” club needs the non members to support it’s existence.

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