NRS 116 Alleged Violation Letter to SOA BOD

SU’s previous Post of “March 27th SOA Board Meeting” addressed an agenda item pertaining to alleged violations of NRS Chapter 116 Statutes. These alleged violations were brought forth by Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Member Steve Guderian (i.e., as a concerned homeowner and not in his capacilty as the Sierra Canyon Association Board President). Mr. Guderian’s allegations deal with the SOA Community Standards Committee (CSC) and perceived conflicts of interest between SOA Board Member Jason Roland and CSC Member Tiffany Roland (his spouse). Mr. Guderians letter to the SOA Board (published with permission of Mr. Guderian) may be accessed via the link below. In addition, Mr. Guderian offers the following as an introduction:

“As home owner in Somersett I believe that the rights of all home owners to fair proceedings within the community is of paramount importance. In the Janurary SOA BOD meeting when I heard who the CSC committee members were, and what their charter said, I could not allow the violations I believe are occurring to continue. So, the attached letter is the first step I have to go through in order to file a complaint/intervention with the Nevada Real Estate Division, the Ombudsman. In my mind the only way the current situation with respect to the CSC can be rectified is a complete do over. Simply put, you cannot have board members making a decision and/or being a part of a sanction or a fine and then being involved in the appeal process too.

Steve Guderian
SOA Home Owner”

Link:         Alleged Violation of NRS 116.3103, NRS 116.31031, NRS 116.31084 & NRS 116.31085