Resident Concerns – The Cliffs

By now, all Somersett property owners should be in receipt of the Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board of Directors (BOD) letter “Resident Concerns – The Cliffs”, which was apparently generated in response to “all of the Somersett residents who have communicated their concerns to the Board of Directors regarding ‘The Cliffs’ by Toll Brothers”.

This is basically a “feel good” letter in which the SOA BOD wants to make clear that “While we take an active interest in the outcome of the development, it is not our role or right within our capacity to manage the design and construction of this development”. That is, Toll Brothers is responsible to construct the development in accordance with approved plans, applicable codes, errosion control measures, slope revegetation, water polution, enviornmental protection, etc., and to have faith that the City of Reno and involved regulatory agencies will diligently perform their oversight and inspection responsibilities. That aside, the SOA also has some inspection rights prior to common area turnover and to require corrective action where needed.

Given the particular concern over hillside aesthetics and stabilization, the SOA has pledged to stay in close touch and be proactive with the City of Reno and regulatory agencies throught the construction process. This “….to insure that the future facilities to be maintained by the Somersett Owners Association are completed in a manner that is functional, can be reasonably maintained and is aesthetically pleasing ….”. Also, to keep Somersett residents informed on ongoing discussions and actions.

At the February SOA Board Meeting, in addressing the subject letter, the Board President encouraged concerned homeowners to “stay involved” and , unless this writer misunderstood, that the letter would address how this could be accomplished, which it did not. However, it did do a credible job of summarizing all the “hoops” the developer must jump through for approved project completion. Hopefully, this will allieviate many of the fears that have been raised by Somersett residents.

The subject letter may be accessed via the following link:   “Resident Concerns – The Cliffs


5 thoughts on “Resident Concerns – The Cliffs

  1. Alas, at the end of the day, despite all ‘assurances’ the bottom line is the SOA will be forced to assimilate this development and by doing so, become responsible for its performance/maintenance in the years to come. Relying on the City to adequately inspect and regulate does not fill me with confidence. . . nor, lately, the SOA.

  2. The best way to describe this project’s appearance is that you are looking at an earthen dam. How this ever got approved from an aesthetics perspective is beyond comprehension.

    1. Could not agree more, how is this “asthetically pleasing”? Tell me at a minimum vegetation is to be added similar to what transitions from the golf course to hills vs the large bare mass of dirt.

  3. Once the hills are green and shrubbed it will be so much better looking than our scrubby brown tinderbox of Peavine

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